How to increase your conversion rate on Shopify?

How to increase your conversion rate on Shopify?

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One of the most important performance indicators for an online store is the conversion rate.

Achieving maximum profitability in a Shopify store requires more than just creating the store, attracting traffic through Ads campaigns, and waiting for sales to occur.

Did you know that you could be losing money with your marketing efforts because you haven't optimized your Shopify store to improve conversions? Here, we are going to show you some conversion optimization techniques that will help you get users to complete a purchase.

Tips to improve your conversion rate on Shopify

Optimizing your conversion rate in Shopify is key to maximizing your profits. Not everything depends on the product, the price, or the web usability, but on the sum of several factors that can discourage or encourage sales.

Let's take a look at the elements you must take into account.

1. Provide an advanced product search engine

One of the reasons why many users come to your website without completing their purchase is because they can't find the product they are looking for. It's that simple. And that does not always mean that you do not have the product they seek. But it may not be easy to get to the product page because you have thousands of references and it is difficult to navigate through your catalog.

The Shopify app store offers a number of advanced search engines that can help your website's users find what they want, such as the Doofinder advanced search engine or Impresee's intelligent AI search engine . A dynamic and predictive search engine that offers suggestions based on what you type will help users find products more quickly.

2. Improve the loading speed of your Shopify store

A poor loading speed on your Shopify store can reduce your conversions, as it affects the shopping experience. And if this happens on a desktop, the performance will generally be much slower on mobile devices.

Many factors in your Shopify e-commerce can affect web performance. Features such as apps, libraries, theme code, and a number of images and videos can significantly slow down the speed.

Work with Shopify experts to optimize your store design and achieve an acceptable loading speed that won't negatively affect your conversions. Be aware that a poor loading speed is a double-edged sword; Not only does it affect your conversion rate, but also your page ranking on Google, which means less traffic and fewer sales.

3.Analyze user behavior

The conversion rate depends on many factors. Without digital analytics for eCommerce , it is like trying to solve a technical problem blindly. You need to have eCommerce analytics tools that can help us understand user behavior and the leading reasons why your conversions are low.

The cause can sometimes depend on commercial factors, such as product price or shipping costs. But it can also be due to technical reasons or simply to the nature and characteristics of your own product not favoring an impulse purchase, meaning that the customer spends a lot of time thinking before making a decision. It is very difficult to improve your conversion rate without data analysis.

4. Improve your sales funnel with email marketing and Klaviyo

Do you know what a sales funnel is? Most users who enter your online store will not complete their purchase immediately. This is normal. Users who come to any online store are at different stages of the buyer journey. Not all of them will complete a purchase at that moment.

But you can increase the percentage of users who buy a product if you get them to enter your sales funnel. By using email marketing with Klaviyo, you can send automated reminder emails to users who added a product to the shopping cart but did not complete their purchase.

5. Analyze the different traffic sources

The conversion rate is usually different depending on the customer's source of origin. Customers who have seen an ad on social networks are not the same as those who have clicked on a link from a blog, or those who came to your website through Google looking for a particular product that you offer in your store.

You must understand that each traffic source is unique. And there are different techniques to improve the conversion rate in each of them. Focus on the ones that are generating the best results, because your conversion rate is not the only important factor, but also the cost of customer acquisition. If your conversion rate is lower with SEO than with ads, but you are also investing less and have constant and increasing results, you are selling less but with a higher profitability.

Apply CRO techniques in your Shopify store

Conversion optimization techniques are crucial for you to achieve more profitability with your Shopify store . The best way to earn more profit is to work with an agency that specializes in Shopify and can help you analyze your ratios and apply techniques that will help increase your conversions.

You need to create a sales funnel that is effective and produces great results. If you are unsure about what to do to increase conversions in your online store, our team at Webmefy can help you . We analyze your current conversion rate, your traffic sources, your marketing actions, and your sales funnel to optimize your strategy.

Your online store's conversion rate does not depend on chance, but on specific factors that could increase your profits. Find out which factors are slowing down your business growth and let us help your Shopify store reach its sales goals.

We invite you to contact us now and start increasing your e-commerce sales.