How to use my eCommerce data easily and efficiently with Shopify QL notebooks

How to use my eCommerce data easily and efficiently with Shopify QL notebooks


Data analytics is an essential aspect of eCommerce decision-making. Knowing detailed information about your online store, such as the most sold products in a given period of time, will help you organize your marketing campaigns or make stock purchasing decisions for your inventory.

To maximize your business data insights, you don't need to hire a data scientist or make a large investment. Data analysis is often too complex a process, which is why many online stores don't do it. Shopify QL Notebooks is an e-commerce query language that allows you to generate your data history and access valuable information for decision-making in your business.

When we make our decisions based on data , we get a higher return on our commercial actions or have a more profitable business. This post will introduce you to Shopify QL notebooks , Shopify's language for analyzing the business data of your eCommerce projects.

Why should you analyze your company's business data?

There are several reasons why it is very important that you understand the role of Data Analytics in your eCommerce.

An online store that analyzes its sales data in depth will be able to make decisions that will help it to be more profitable, to achieve greater customer satisfaction, or prevent problems such as stockout . By analyzing the data, you can be more proactive in situations that can lead your business to a limited situation or implement commercial actions that help you to be more competitive.

Many online store owners do not make decisions based on objective data. Although they have a large amount of data, they do not have Data Analytics tools that allow them to contextualize and comprehensively understand their business data, so they make decisions based on subjective criteria.

Making data-driven decisions can help increase the profitability of your eCommerce , as you might identify new business opportunities. For example, you might discover that over a period of time in your data history, there has been a growth in sales because you had a set of products in stock that you no longer have, and therefore your sales have decreased. Data analysis is key to making strategic decisions that help keep your business competitive.

What is ShopifyQL, and how does it help your online store?

ShopifyQL is a query language designed for data analysis. Being focused on e-commerce, it is not very complex and can be used and understood by professionals who manage their online stores without much difficulty.

A great advantage of Shopify QL is that it will allow you to analyze not only a specific web domain but all the commercial web domains you are working on. You will be able to combine information about finances, sales, marketing, and other data from the different eCommerce projects you have in place.

ShopifyQL works with Notebooks , the interface with which you can use the ShopifyQL language through different functions, codes, and different predesigned templates with which you can explore and analyze the important data of your online store when making decisions.

Using Notebooks with the ShopifyQL query language allows you to simplify the data analysis process, which often involves analyzing data coming from different sources and contexts. Thanks to this tool, you can gain useful insights and leverage the importance of Data Analytics in an intuitive way, even if you are not a data scientist.

What can you do with ShopifyQL Notebooks?

ShopifyQL language and Shopify Notebooks interface allow you to have a great user experience. You will be able to visualize data quickly and easily without having to be a Data Science expert.

Among other advantages, you will have everything you need to analyze your company's business data quickly, easily, and intuitively.

    • Multiple easy-to-use templates: there are several predefined templates to explore data such as best-selling products, sales volume over a period of time, number of daily orders, sales per customer, etc.
  • Assisted query typing: Notebooks have an "autocomplete" option to display queries in the fastest way and avoid syntax errors.
    • Customizable text creation: Since Notebooks are intended for commercial use, you can customize your queries by adding custom text for reporting or interpreting the available data.
    • Visual graphs: the data of the queries you make can be visualized in a simple and intuitive way in easy-to-understand graphs. You will be able to see, for example, the evolution of your sales or a customer's orders over a period of time.
  • Combine data to get more information: Combine data from different eCommerce sites and add available contextual information to enable you to produce more developed reports.

Notebooks allow you, for example, to find out the success of a marketing campaign in relation to the sales made in your store over a period of time. Access valuable information that allows you to understand the evolution of your business data to boost your results.

Notebooks are among the tools that are only available to Shopify Plus users . As you already know, Shopify Plus is the e-commerce platform for high-volume businesses and brands with high growth velocity. At Webmefy, we are Shopify Plus experts, and we can help your online store the most of your business data to create a compelling and profitable sales strategy for your eCommerce.

For a better analysis of your company's business data, we invite you to request a meeting with us now .