How to use Shopify shop promise to gain my buyer’s trust

How to use Shopify shop promise to gain my buyer's trust

Customer trust is critical to being able to sell through your eCommerce. Many buyers abandon their shopping cart if a website is not trustworthy or does not offer acceptable shipping conditions. The same is true when they are unsure if they will be able to return the product and under what conditions. Shopify helps you increase sales with Shop Promise by providing the confidence your customers need.

How can you take advantage of Shopify Shop Promise to increase sales and achieve results? What should you do to improve your conversion rate? Read on to find out how to do it.

How to gain your buyers' trust?

Many buyers feel reluctant to buy on a website. Customers have to give their personal information (name, shipping address...), or use a viable payment method that they trust. It is not that simple. Many doubts may arise the first time you are going to make a purchase through an online store .

  • Is the website trustworthy? Is my information secure?
  • Will I receive the products I have purchased? How long will it take to receive them?
  • Is there a customer service team available to help me if my order is delayed?
  • Can I easily return the product if I later decide I don't like it?

These are some of the questions that users ask when they go to make a purchase in an online store. It is important that your business can generate enough trust to be able to respond to these needs through transparent information.

Offering information on terms and conditions, return policies, and shipping costs are vital to providing customer confidence. Ideally, however, this information should not only be provided on a separate page but should accompany each product. In addition, to ensure fast and timely delivery, you must have a logistics solution that allows you to provide confidence to your customers.

One of the ways to build trust and increase sales on Shopify is through the Shop Promise badge, which allows you to make it as easy as possible for the customer to see that the purchase is quick and easy.

What advantages does Shop Promise offer to increase your sales?

The Shop Promise badge is a guarantee of your company's commitment to your customers. You will be able to offer 2-day delivery and free shipping, among other advantages, which will help speed up the sales process once again.

  1. Build trust in your customers

The first advantage of Shop Promise is that you can build trust with your customers by including the 2-day delivery badge on your purchases. If you offer fast and reliable shipping, customers will feel more comfortable in completing their purchases.

Customers are reluctant to trust stores where the shipping costs are too high or are not very clear. A common reason for product returns is often that by the time the customer receives the product, too much time has passed and it is no longer needed. Offering this guarantee will give the customer confidence that they will receive their products on time.

  1. Increase sales with reasonable delivery dates

Clear and accurate delivery dates give customers a clear indication of when they will receive their products. Shop Promise allows you to display accurate delivery dates on the shipping page, which will help you build greater buyer confidence.

Customers who purchase a product online may need to receive it by a certain date. It helps to build confidence if the customer can see when they will receive the product.

  1. Offer free and fast delivery.

With Shop Promise, you can automatically highlight orders that arrive with a next-day delivery date . Express delivery is an eCommerce trend that more and more shoppers are taking into account when deciding to purchase from an online store.

Free shipping and handling are other great advantages. Emphasize free delivery so that your customers can have one more reason to complete their purchases.

  1. Millions of users are using it.

Your brand will be strengthened if you use the Shop Promise badge on your products, as there are millions of users who rely on Shop to secure their payments. When customers see the Shop badge, it gives them confidence that your store offers a good experience to your shoppers.

  1. No additional costs

Another advantage of Shop Promise is that it does not include any additional costs for you or your customers. This allows you to implement it directly whenever you use the logistics application.

How to start using Shop Promise?

The Shop Promise badge is available for free and available in early access to online stores that are already using the Shopify Fulfillment Network end-to-end logistics solution. This tool allows you to optimize your online store's logistics, saving time and costs on returns and offering fast and affordable shipping. All you need to do is to send the inventory to a logistics center.

This is what ensures that your store can guarantee shoppers a fast and agile delivery time, thus helping to generate more customer confidence and improve their shopping experience. Fast and agile shipping keeps many potential buyers from abandoning their shopping cart, as you eliminate some of the inconveniences (shipping costs, long delivery times...) that can increase your shopping cart abandonment rate.

At Webmefy, we help your company offer a better shopping experience , thus making your online store more competitive. Discover the full potential of Shopify to build customer trust and increase your sales. Contact us to receive our advice and design a plan to improve your eCommerce results.