Realidad aumentada para tu tienda online

Augmented reality for your online store

The introduction of augmented reality in e-Commerce is a reality that is now available on the platforms for creating your online store. At we work to help your online store create a 3D catalog to introduce augmented reality in your store.

Augmented reality is a tool that allows us to connect with our customers and offer them a closer experience to our products, without leaving home, helping them select the products that best suit their needs, such as if they are looking for sunglasses. sun and want to see how they will turn out. Now this is possible in your store!

Let's imagine that you have an online store that sells furniture. Normally your clients will want to know if the furniture will fit in the apartment, but also how it will fit in it. With augmented reality, they will be able to see both things from your store. This will help them choose the one that best suits their needs and thus complete the purchase.

Ikea did this a few years ago:

Your users will be able to place their furniture directly in the room, thus feeling more secure when making their online purchase. Now you don't need to be Ikea to use this technology, can help you!

The possibilities are almost endless, for example if you have a camera store you could show the camera they want to buy:

Or your favorite bag:

If you are interested in learning more about our services and what we can do for your store, contact us through our contact form or our chat and we will be happy to help you!