5 ventajas de Shopify para crear una tienda online

5 advantages of Shopify to create an online store

As we have already told you before, at Webmefy we are committed to the e-commerce platform, Shopify, of which we are top partners in Spain. This SaaS platform stands out for its tremendous convenience when it comes to being managed, bringing together all the tasks in a single tool so that you only have to focus on selling your product. There are many advantages that we would highlight about Shopify over the competition, but on this occasion we want you to know what, in our opinion, are the most important:

Start selling from day one

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, whose interfaces are difficult to interpret, Shopify's environment is tremendously intuitive and easy to understand. The platform guides you in a few simple steps so that you can personalize all the options of your online store yourself. Therefore, you can have everything ready in just a few minutes, everything will depend on the level of detail you want to include from the first moment. As a SaaS platform, all resources are hosted in the cloud, so it is not necessary to add any type of cost for an external server.

Avant-garde and fully updated design

The first thing that catches your eye when accessing an online store is its design. If this is attractive, it is very likely that you will feel comfortable and that you will not feel like leaving the store. Shopify has hundreds of free and paid templates that have been developed by experts who know the needs of users perfectly and adapt to them and even anticipate them. You will only have to browse their catalog and choose the one that best fits the profile of your business. To make things even easier (if possible), these templates are grouped by theme. Of course, all these templates are adapted to navigation on all types of devices, such as tablets, mobile phones or computers. On the other hand, if you dare with HTML or CSS, you can also create your own template.

100% responsive

The Association for Media Research (AIMC), in its latest report from March 2020, maintains that more than 90% of Internet users already access the internet through their mobile phone. For its part, according to data provided by Shopify, 61% of the sales of all its online stores already come from mobile devices and it is expected that this trend will increase in the coming years. Therefore, this data requires us to make our online stores fully responsive, so that the user does not encounter any obstacles when finalizing their order. In this sense, we could say that Shopify is at the forefront, since all its options and menus are adapted to mobile navigation.

Powerful app marketplace

One of Shopify's most important assets is that it has a very powerful and developed application market. Shopify is highly committed to the user experience, which is why its quality standards in this regard are very demanding. App developers are aware of the problems and needs of merchants, which is why they are continually implementing tools that optimize business resources, such as online returns managers, Marketing campaign generators or different currency converters for foreign customers. . Later we will continue discussing this topic with more specific articles, since the world of Shopify applications is something to talk about at length.

Scalable (plans adapted to all needs)

When developing an online store it is very important to have a plan adapted to the needs of each moment. This is something that Shopify is very aware of and that is why it offers merchants plans that are generally linked to the volume of business of each online store. The good thing is that, as the online store grows, you can move up in these plans that, obviously, have a higher cost, but at the same time offer better and more powerful solutions for businesses. It is as important not to arrive as it is to go overboard and pay for things you don't need, which is why it is important to be clear about which plan best suits your needs.