6 Aplicaciones Recomendadas para Shopify

6 Recommended Apps for Shopify

At Webmefy we never tire of pointing out the importance of applications on the Shopify e-commerce platform and that is why today we want to focus on those five apps that cannot be missing from your online store if you want everything to run smoothly. Some are free and others paid, but our experience tells us that sometimes it is necessary to pay for certain services that in the medium or long term will make our sales level increase considerably. That's why don't miss out on everything we tell you below:


This application is focused on sending registration invitations to customers who have purchased but have not yet registered in our store and also to subscribers of our newsletter. The fact of being able to buy without registration greatly encourages sales, but it is also true that it has its negative side, since the buyer cannot yet be considered a regular customer. To enter it into our database you need to register and that is why we like this application so much, since it carries out this invitation process automatically and also offers us additional Analytics information to understand the behavior of these customers in our store .

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Order Printer

Managing all the labels of an online store is something that many sellers find difficult. That is why the Order Printer application's main objective is to automate and personalize these processes. It is capable of generating order labels, packaging sheets, the returns form and even gift tickets. They can be translated into multiple languages ​​and work with all currencies. Our logo can be included in all documents and our corporate colors. It has a free version in which you will only have to pay for a template, but at Shopify we recommend that you invest and go for the paid version, Order Printer Pro, which offers you all the options and will take your business one step further. Its price is 10 dollars per month with no order limit.

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Google Shopping

A classic of electronic commerce that has become essential. This app will automatically generate a product feed and upload it to your Merchant Center account, updating it every time you make changes. Smart shopping campaigns can be created, making it easy to create online ads for your products. You just have to set a daily budget and Google Shopping takes care of placing your ads at the best possible time to the right buyers. Additionally, payment is made when the potential buyer clicks on the product advertisement. You can install the application for free and you will only pay for the campaigns you run.

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Tidio Live Chat

Fluent communication with our clients is essential to encourage sales. That is why Tidio Live Chat is a tremendously useful application and according to data from the same company, a live chat increases sales by up to 40%, hence its vital importance. Tidio Live Chat is aware that a seller cannot be available 24/7, which is why it incorporates Bots that can automatically respond to the most common questions, such as product availability or delivery status, among others. Thanks to the integration of email and chat, all questions will be answered even if you are not near a computer, since it has a free mobile application. Finally, an option that we really like at Webmefy is that this application allows us to see what the client is writing in real time, which gives us a lot of information about their behavior. It has a free basic plan and another plan for $18 per month that increases the available options.

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Product Reviews

Customer reviews are a fundamental aspect of our customers' interaction with our website. For this reason it seems essential that we include an application like Product Reviews, which is also completely free. This simple tool allows you to add comments that adapt perfectly to the appearance of your store and are also customizable. They can be easily exported to a CSV and also encourages user participation with ratings of their own comments. A tool that we love at WEBmefy and that we think can be tremendously useful for you.

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Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar

We have to keep the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations in mind if we do not want to have problems in the form of fines from the European Union. That is why the Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar application helps us introduce the cookie banner to which we are required by regulations and can also be translated into twenty-four languages ​​of the European Union. It is totally free and very easy to install. It also includes a privacy policy model for our online store that is fully updated. It has support that responds within the next twenty-four hours and no web developers are needed for editing.

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