Nuestras 6 Herramientas para ponerle nombre a tu shop online

Our 6 Tools to name your online shop

Perhaps you have already decided to create an online store and perhaps you are also clear that Shopify is the right platform to do so, as we have recently told you on the Webmefy blog. However, something that usually happens to those who are starting their journey in the world of online commerce is that they are not sure what name to choose for their store. Or it also usually happens that, even if the name is clear, its domain is not free or the users of the most important social networks are not, which will make it quite difficult for potential buyers to identify with our brand. For this reason, at Webmefy we want to show you several tools that will help you choose that perfect name for your business, with your domain and your profile on social networks.

Shopify Name Generator

Shopify itself offers a very useful tool to find the perfect name for your business . You will simply have to fill in the keyword of your business and Shopify will offer you a hundred name options that combine the chosen word with others that can become a fundamental part of your brand. This is instant brainstorming that can save you a lot of time and work. If you decide on one of those offered by the platform, you will simply have to choose it and in three simple steps you will have your online store created. This free Shopify platform does not take into account profiles on social networks, so at Webmefy we recommend that before deciding on a name, check if it is available on the most important social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, it does suggest the best domains for your business.

Name Mesh

We really like this tool and it has great potential. It is based above all on the wide variety of domains available. As in the previous one, you simply have to enter the keyword or keywords of your online store and you will immediately obtain a large amount of information to decide. The first column shows the most common domains, combining the words you have written with the classic extensions. On the other hand, you also have other proposals for new and less common domains, shorter, fun domains and even proposals adapted to SEO.


This simple tool will clear up your doubts about the domains available for your company. You will simply have to put the name in the text box and you will instantly have the list with all the possible domains, informing you at the same time if they are available or not.

Lean Domain Search

With Lean Domain Search you will have at a quick glance a general impression of the viability of a name for your online store. After filling in the keywords in the text box, the tool gives you a large number of options combined with other words to find the perfect name. Additionally, by clicking on each of them, you can find out if the .com domain is available and also if the username is available on Facebook.


This tool is very interesting because it goes one step further. By entering the main keyword of your business and a secondary one related to the industry or nature of the business, the website is able to give you a large number of combined name options that also take into account the available domains. You have to register in advance to use it, but the truth is that it is worth it.

Bust a Name

As in the previous cases, Bust a Name is also based on keywords. However, after entering it, the tool can make multiple variations of it, adding prefixes and suffixes to the name and also informing us of the domains that are still available for our brand. Perhaps the interface is somewhat outdated, but the truth is that it has great potential.