Shopify habilita las tarjetas regalo en todos sus planes

Shopify enables gift cards in all its plans

At Webmefy we are aware that this difficult quarantine situation due to the coronavirus that we are experiencing is also affecting your online business. The lack of supplies and the awareness of people, who are buying much less these days, is causing serious damage to many businesses that see their survival compromised. In addition, many people are suffering ERTES derived from mandatory confinement, which also increases the lack of liquidity for clients . On the e-commerce platform Shopify they are aware of this situation and that is why they have proposed to lend a hand to those businesses that, due to the nature of their sector, are having a hard time these days.

The Canadian company has enabled gift cards for all plans indefinitely , as they were usually only available in some plans. In this way, the aim is to increase the number of transactions, since it is a very effective way to ensure future sales, also having cash available at the moment, which helps to settle accounts with supplies and suppliers. In fact, there has been an increase in sales of this type of product by some societies aware that it is time to step up.

How to create gift cards in Shopify?

The process of creating gift cards in Shopify is very simple and is carried out the same as when registering any other product. In the side panel on the left, in the “Products” menu you must select “Gift cards” and there you can edit all the parameters. Choose a name, an image and even a text to accompany it. You can also choose the price range that the card can have to adapt to the purchasing level of all your clients.

You already have your cards created, but your clients still have to find out

This global crisis is also helping to bring out the best in people. We continually see initiatives on television aimed at helping those who are having the worst time and constant displays of support at all levels. Your clients, especially the most loyal ones, are also willing to lend you a hand in these difficult times, so you have to take it upon yourself to tell them about your situation so that they are aware that their help is more necessary than ever.

  • Email : Tell your customers how the situation is and how this crisis is affecting your business. Inform them of operational changes and at the same time, invite them to lend you a hand. It is important that they understand that, if they do not need your products at the moment, gift cards are the best way to help and, at the same time, have already paid for what they plan to purchase in the future.
  • Social networks : this area is essential for your clients to know your situation and also for others who are not clients yet, but who can be at any time.
  • Forums or Facebook groups : these communities are usually very active and it is vital that they are aware of your situation.

Additionally, Shopify has set up a COVID-19 resource center (soon to be available in Spanish) to find additional tools. The e-commerce platform is exploring all possible avenues to help its merchants and hopes that with this measure of gift cards everyone can increase their liquidity to face the payments that are to come.

If you don't have an online store on Shopify yet and you're really interested, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days .