Carrito Abandonado: Ejemplos de Textos para el Email

Abandoned Cart: Email Text Examples

We have recently given you the best advice to eliminate abandoned carts in your online store and this time we want to focus specifically on everything that your email should contain to recover those abandoned purchases, thus increasing your sales volume. This is a fundamental aspect of e-Commerce, since a significant rate of sales are usually the product of a certain impulse purchase, which causes many of them to be left halfway for various reasons . For this reason we must do everything possible to stimulate completion before buyers completely forget about us and for this we are going to study what your automatic abandoned cart recovery email should be like.

The forgotten article, the main thing

It is likely that, even if some time has passed, the customer will renew their desire to purchase your product and that is why the e-mail must contain the image of what was left forgotten in order to draw maximum attention. It must be the protagonist of the email because often the cause of the abandoned cart is beyond the user's control and is related to technical problems with the network or server. In this case our probability of success is quite high.

Content is essential

This form of communication with your clients has great potential and that is why we should spare no effort in preparing an attractive and complete email . The subject is essential, since that will make the user open or not open the email. Try to send a positive message, but not overly intrusive. Leave the door open to the receiver's curiosity and put all your effort into receiving it with a smile, whether through a fun image related to your sector or a casual message. It is essential that you include a link to the abandoned cart and, as a complement, you can add a phone number or a contact email to resolve any questions the customer may have before purchasing.

A discount is always welcome

Many of the purchases that are truncated need some type of impulse to be carried out. For this reason, it is ideal to include some type of discount in your abandoned cart email to stimulate the purchase . This can increase the success rate considerably, as many users add items without paying attention to the final price and, when they realize the total, they often back out. That is why you have to encourage them to complete the purchase.

But to create discounts, we must study very carefully what the profit margin we work with is, since an excessively high discount can even cause us to make losses. This will depend on the particular case of each e-Commerce and that is why it must be studied carefully to adjust it as much as possible so that the activity continues to be profitable.

A careful design

The user must perceive at all times that it is an email from your online store and for this it is essential that the design is in accordance with the theme and template of your store . You have to use the same typography and the same color palette so that everything remembers your website and thus creates a unified experience.

It is very important that the email is not excessively busy because it can cause rejection in the recipient. Less is more and, in terms of design, this is a maxim that you must strictly follow.

Reserve items for the buyer for a limited time

On many occasions, small online businesses do not have a large stock of products, which produces a certain fear in buyers, who fear being left without them. That's why you have to take advantage of this and get the most out of it. You can inform users that, for a limited time, those products in the abandoned cart will be reserved for them, which can stimulate the purchasing process. A period of three days in reserve is more than enough to try to achieve the objective.

Klaviyo, the best tool to put everything into practice

At Webmefy we have already taught you how to use the Klaviyo tool, specialized in email marketing. However, we leave you here the two links to the guide that we have published:

With these tips we are sure that you will take this type of communications to a new level and that you will be able to significantly increase sales in your online store.
If you have any questions and want to contact us, you can do so at . And if you also want to try Klaviyo, here is the link to start working with them.