Email Marketing: 3 estrategias para fidelizar a tus clientes

Email Marketing: 3 strategies to retain your customers

All the customers of your online store are important to us, but we cannot ignore that there are a series of users who, due to their behavior and level of spending, deserve somewhat more personalized treatment. For this reason , it is advisable to have e-mail marketing strategies for VIP clients directly focused on rewarding their loyalty and, at the same time, continuing to strengthen a two-way beneficial relationship. This type of user is usually very receptive to our communications and shows enthusiasm for our news and special launches, which in the end results in a repetition of operations that lasts over time.

VIP customer segmentation

To do this, you must begin by segmenting these users appropriately based on the criteria that interest us most to begin with e-mail marketing for VIP clients. This criterion does not necessarily have to be the volume of purchases, but there are also other very important criteria in the seller-customer interaction, such as the total number of orders placed or the useful life value of a customer.

Depending on the nature of a business, one criterion or another will be more appropriate. If our online store is a jewelry store, the total number of orders will not be so important, since it is not a regular purchase; And yes we can have an account of the useful life of a client. On the other hand, if we have a sports nutrition store, we will take into account the number of orders from this type of customer.

Once we are clear about the segment that we are going to use to identify those VIP clients, it is time to carry out the campaign.

  • Early access to events and promotions

A VIP customer has shown a certain loyalty to our brand and that is why it is appropriate to reward them. In the personalized email we must include these promotions and let them know that they are receiving it exclusively and in advance. Free shipping and special discounts are options that we should not rule out. This will make customers feel a certain satisfaction when making purchases with us.

It is not advisable to completely rule out SMS as a means of communication with them, since it is much more immediate than email. If it is a promotion to which a VIP customer has access several hours before the rest of the users, it is necessary for them to be aware of it as soon as possible so that they can benefit.

  • New collections and previews

If we replenish stock of a certain product or if we receive a new product, we can inform our VIP customers before the rest of the users . This will greatly stimulate sales and will also help us analyze how users behave when faced with these new features.

As in the previous case, it is advisable to use the mobile messaging service to reach our clients immediately. To do this we will have had to request the number in the registration questionnaire.

  • Different levels of VIP customers and loyalty points

Once we have segmented these VIP customers, we can also continue adding filters to establish other criteria that translate into levels. For this we can use a points program that encourages loyalty. Once a certain number of points has been earned, it is possible to access the next level of VIP client. We can award points for recommending us to a friend, for making purchases or for following us on social networks. Any criterion is valid to increase loyalty. Points can be redeemed for purchases or discounts.

It is highly recommended to include an expiration date for points and promotions to create some urgency that ultimately leads to a sale.

We are sure that, by following all these tips, you will be able to use email marketing for your company's VIP clients and give them the treatment they deserve. If you want, here you can start working with Klaviyo to get the most out of the email marketing of your online store.