El Incremento de las Ventas Online durante la Covid-19

The Increase in Online Sales during Covid-19

A few days ago we talked on Webmefy about how companies and businesses have had to adapt to change and see the right side to survive during this time of crisis and today we want to continue exploring that idea. Because it is true that the situation we have had to live in has pushed some companies to the limit, whose activity is not compatible with the confinement to which citizens have been subjected. The rent bills for the premises, the electricity or gas bills, the loan bills... they all continue to arrive and stifle the situation a little more for some businessmen who are beginning to look for alternatives in the digital world to start with the online sales due to the threat of coronavirus.

It is evident that there are some businesses that cannot provide their services online, which further aggravates the precarious situation they are experiencing during the coronavirus crisis. However, there are others who are being forced to take that digital leap that they had resisted in recent years . The logistics of courier companies continue to work and that is something that must be taken advantage of to try to keep businesses afloat.

Businesses that carry out all or part of their activity online are suffering a much smaller impact. That is why it is important to explore new business avenues, even if at first our company is not naturally focused on the online world. If we have a restaurant, we can start delivering meals at home and for this it is optimal to do so from an e-commerce platform. It's time to reinvent yourself.

E-Commerce is the lifeline of many companies

If this crisis has shown anything, it is the strength of e-Commerce, in contrast to traditional businesses, since it does not depend on opening hours or the obligation to close establishments due to the state of alarm in which we find ourselves. Users continue buying and delivery services are not able to deliver all the parcels that arrive at their warehouses.

Unfortunately, this crisis situation has had to come for many businesses that until now had resisted to finally decide to make the leap to the digital world. This situation is new for everyone and who knows if there will be similar ones in the future. The online world is no longer optional and has become a mandatory outlet to ensure the health of our business.

It is not about converting the business in its entirety, but about offering the online alternative in parallel to the business in physical or traditional format. As we have seen, there could come a time when the salvation of our company lies in the digital environment and we must be prepared. It may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but at Webmefy, experience has shown us that it is a much simpler and more rewarding experience.

What businesses have grown during the coronavirus crisis?

A very striking example has been yatepeino.com , a platform that has been providing hairdressing and beauty services at home since 2017. Although they have limited their services to the basics (cutting, washing and styling), they have become the solution ideal for those people with reduced mobility who need help with these tasks and also for those people who cannot give up maintaining a perfect image even when they are at home. Although the company has not provided data on the increase in customers, its growth, due to the nature of its business, has been considerable.

The American giant Amazon has experienced a significant increase in its online sales in the coronavirus crisis. As a result, its stock market price has once again reached an all-time high and the company is now valued at more than 1.14 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos, its creator and currently the richest man in the world, has been forced to hire more than 175,000 people in the United States alone to fulfill all the orders. All these data highlight the potential of e-Commerce compared to other traditional businesses.

Another company that has been able to take advantage of this moment of crisis has been BigMat , a professional construction store, present in Spain and Portugal. The company has reinforced all online sales logistics, dedicated mainly to companies and construction professionals, and has also begun to sell to individuals, committing to deliver orders within a maximum period of 72 hours.

On the other hand, as a result of this situation, there are other companies that have experienced astonishing growth in their online sales during the coronavirus crisis. Such is the case of the Zoom video calling platform or the Telegram messaging service. The first owes its growth to the prohibition of going out and meeting with friends and family, while the second has become one of the channels through which the Government informs citizens of all the news about the crisis. . Both platforms have increased their downloads incredibly.
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