Klaviyo y Shopify Flow:la automatización en tu tienda online

Klaviyo and Shopify Flow: automation in your online store

One of the good things about an online store is that its maintenance can often be made compatible with other tasks, such as work or taking care of the family. Once the business has started operating, it is often necessary to make adjustments that, in principle and separately, do not require a large amount of time, but all together they can begin to become a problem, since in the rhythm The life we ​​currently lead is precisely what we don't have enough of: time. That is why we often need to automate a large part of these tasks in order to relieve ourselves of as much work as possible and so that the productivity of our store is not affected. For this reason we want to talk to you about Klaviyo and Shopify Flow.

If you follow the Webmefy blog you will already know the Klaviyo software , ideal for automating all electronic correspondence, newsletters, abandoned cart reminders, etc. A tool that can take up a significant workload so that you can dedicate more time to what is really important, whether it is other tasks in the online store or your personal or work matters.

For its part, Shopify has also thought about this and offers tools with its Shopify Plus plan that, according to its own calculations, have freed up more than 1.1 billion workflows among all companies, with the resulting savings of more than 9.2 millions of hours that could have been spent on other tasks. This is Shopify Flow , an application that you can download directly from the application store itself.

What is e-commerce automation?

Automation in an online store is a process generated to convert tasks that were previously manual to an automatic format, which does not need supervision, because its operation has been perfectly tested.

As a company grows, these tasks become more complicated and multiply, often forcing companies to hire more personnel, since they have not been able to adapt their system to the new scenario. Good process automation reduces the investment in these types of resources considerably, with the consequent economic and time savings. Both Klaviyo and Shopify Flow will make your relationship with your online store much easier.

How can automation help your online store?

This automation can be integrated into your online store in many different ways, one of the most common is customer segmentation based on different criteria . With this segmentation we can schedule the sending of online communications that fit the customer profiles we want, freeing ourselves from a large workload. Klaviyo is also capable of sending emails when a certain product is already available or even making advance sales for a VIP or featured type of customer.

How to automate tasks with Shopify Flow?

Shopify Plus makes the Shopify Flow application available to its marketers , which is capable of automating tasks based on a series of criteria. We will only have to define the actions that must occur, the conditions that must be met for it and the activators that will execute them. These jobs can be copied from one store to another to save time, since this is the goal of automation, although Shopify Flow also offers templates with the most common tasks already integrated into the system.

What automation tools are built into Shopify Flow?

  • Shopify Scripts – to add automatic discounts, relevant payment options and specialized shipping options, which adjust to the different parameters of each customer.
  • Launchpad – to schedule, preload and monitor events, such as major sales campaigns, product launches and seasonal celebrations.

How much time is saved with e-commerce automation?

The tasks that we can integrate into this automation with Klaviyo and Shopify Flow encompass a good part of customer service, fraud prevention (with systems that detect potentially conflicting orders), marketing and advertising or the design of the website itself and even its development. . All these tasks together represent a significant saving in time that will depend on the weight of each one within the organization, but it is evident that it is a truly important saving.

If you liked this article and are interested in setting up your own online store, we invite you to start with this 14-day free trial with Shopify . And if you also want to start working with Klaviyo now, we also invite you to do so here.