¿Qué ventajas tiene Klaviyo para el cliente?

What advantages does Klaviyo have for the customer?

If you have been reading us for a while, you will have already realized that at Webmefy we are totally in love with the Klaviyo email marketing tool , since it can bring enormous benefits to your online store, considerably improving the feedback with your customers. However, this time we want to focus on the benefits of Klaviyo from the customer's point of view. Because this software is always thought of as an ally of brands, but we cannot ignore that it also has great potential for the consumer , since it allows them to be constantly informed of the latest news from their favorite brands, among other series of benefits. Below we tell you the advantages of Klaviyo as a client and we trust that you will finish reading convinced that this is the best ally (also) for clients.

You will receive communications totally adapted to your needs

Klaviyo is capable of segmenting users at a very precise level, which allows obtaining high-quality data regarding the use that customers make of your online store. Based on this behavior, the tool is capable of automating highly personalized communications that adjust to customer preferences , with the consequent degree of satisfaction that this causes. We could say that Klaviyo anticipates the client in identifying their own needs.

The online store adjusts to the use that we as customers make of it

The reports generated by Klaviyo have such potential that they allow the marketer to know their client much better and adapt their products to their tastes and needs. This makes customer satisfaction much greater, since they will find more and more products to their liking. The more a customer uses the store, the more data they will generate to create these reports and the more accurate they will be.

Newsletter of quality and recognizable design

If we subscribe to the newsletter of our favorite store, we can receive their newsletter with a truly surprising design, fully adjusted to the template of the online store . It will be easy for us to recognize the brand at all times and we will receive the message clearly, without distractions or unnecessary elements.

You will never lose a purchase that you have left halfway

How many times have you left a purchase halfway through in an online store and then not been able to find the store you were in? Or how many times have you started to buy something and left it halfway, forgetting to place the order? Surely it has happened to you at some point, that's why here we want to highlight the potential of Klaviyo, which sends you reminders if you have left a purchase halfway so that you can finish the order. This way, you decide if you really want to finish it or if, on the contrary, you have regretted it and don't want to know anything about the products you had in your cart.

As you can see, not only can you take advantage of this tool as a merchant, but Klaviyo also has important advantages from the customer's point of view. If you have been interested in this article and you also have an online store, here you can start working with Klaviyo .