Sender: Únete a tus clientes con emails automáticos

Sender: Join your clients with automatic emails

At Webmefy we like to keep you up to date with all the news in the Shopify e-Commerce platform application market and that is why on this occasion we want to show you an application that will give a new dimension to your customer database. Because we are aware of how difficult it is to have a complete and quality database, since many customers prefer to buy without registering, which makes the work of e-mail marketing very difficult. This is Sender – Auto Account Invite, now available in the Shopify App Store.

Download Sender – Auto Account Invite

How Sender works – Auto Account Invite

This application is responsible for automating the sending of registration invitations to those users who have purchased in our online store, but who have not yet registered; and also to those who are subscribed to our newsletter . This function is usually highly requested by marketers, since it allows the user databases to be qualitatively and quantitatively increased. Sender – Auto Account Invite is capable of sending these emails automatically and also sending a second email as a reminder if the first one has been ignored by the recipient.

Application installation

Installing the application follows the same process as the rest of the applications in the Shopify App Store. You simply have to access the platform, type the name in the search engine and click “Add application” and then “Install application”. Once the process is finished, you can start using it

Configuration and Analytics

Once the application is installed, you can configure when you want the invitation emails to be sent to your online store. Within the application menu you can access a drop-down menu where you must choose the number of days you want to pass until the communication is sent. In addition, the application also offers the possibility of analyzing user behavior in our online store . In the Analytics section you can check the traffic of registered users and non-registered users, as well as graphs based on the sending of invitations. Very valuable information at the reach of a click.

Integrable with Klaviyo, Facebook, Mailchimp…

Once all this data has been obtained and analyzed, Sender – Auto Account Invite allows you to export it to integrate it into services such as Klaviyo, Facebook or Mailchimp, in order to create personalized audiences based on the behavioral data of our users.

What is the price of the application

Sender – Auto Account Invite is free for the first five days as a trial during which you can send a total of 20 invitations. After this time, it has a very reasonable price, only $3.5 per month . If you are interested in setting up your own online store, here is a 14-day free trial with Shopify . Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us an email at , we will be happy to help you.