Shop, el personal shopper de Shopify

Shop, Shopify's personal shopper

At Webmefy we are committed to the Shopify e-commerce platform , since we believe that it offers everything a marketer is looking for to keep their online store up to date. However, on this occasion we want to focus on the other protagonist of e-Commerce, the customer, and that is why we want to talk to you about Shop, an application that was created to give a new dimension to online shopping from the consumer's point of view. Keep reading, because below we will tell you everything about this Shopify personal shopper.

The Shop application fulfills the function of a personal shopper, since it is capable of organizing your preferences, recommends items based on your tastes, manages your orders and even finds items based on your location, giving priority to local businesses in your area. own neighborhood.

How can I get Shop?

You can download Shop completely free through Google Play and the App Store. You just have to install it to start using it and, in addition, you can log in with your Google profile to simplify access.

Download directly Shop

How does Shop work?

Once you have accessed the application with your own profile, you can start following your favorite businesses by clicking on the magnifying glass to search. After this step, you will be able to see all the featured products of these online stores on the Home page. You can consult them in detail, put them in your cart and buy them directly from here, since it works with the most popular payment platforms, such as PayPal, GooglePay and also with Shopify's own payment platform.

What advantages does the personal shopper Shop have?

  • Without a doubt, the main advantage of this very particular personal shopper is that we can access all the products from different stores without having to go to them directly.
  • We cannot also forget that the filtering option by location allows the products to arrive in a short period of time, since logistics is significantly simplified.
  • We also highlight that Shop is able to remember our purchases and our favorites and recommend items based on these preferences, which greatly stimulates transactions.
  • The application has a chat capable of answering your questions , which also makes it easier to choose the perfect item, thus reducing the margin of error when making the purchase.


Shopify's commitment to energizing commerce is clear and the appearance of Shop reflects it. This way, customers have access to thousands of products that would otherwise be invisible to them . Impulse buying moves up a notch with Shop, as the customer can spend hours viewing and analyzing products that have been selected especially for them, based on their tastes, preferences and purchase history. At a time when the global economy needs a boost due to the dramatic situation we have experienced due to the coronavirus, Shopify is going one step further in its commitment to e-commerce.
If you have been interested in this text and want to know more or have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email to . We will be happy to give you a hand. Also, if you want to encourage yourself to open your own online store, we give you a 14-day free trial with Shopify.