¿Cómo preparar tu tienda online para el Black Friday 2020?

How to prepare your online store for Black Friday 2020?

We are in the middle of summer and that is why it seems that talking about Black Friday is something that is not relevant at the moment. However, it is also true that we are already immersed in the third quarter of the year and, if we want everything to go well at the end of November, we have to start preparing our online store from this very moment. Because that day a large amount of traffic is expected towards online businesses and we have to have everything planned if we don't want to be left hanging on one of the most important days of the year. Keep reading because below we offer you the best tips to prepare for Black Friday 2020 (and also Cyber ​​Monday)

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. For this reason, Black Friday 2020 is November 27 . This means that we have just over four months ahead of us to have everything ready in our online store. Furthermore, we cannot forget that the following Monday (November 30) is Cyber ​​Monday, which, although in its day it was an event focused on stores specialized in technology, today all businesses bring out their offers and promotions and therefore That's what we have to be there.

Furthermore, these days will be the perfect test to prepare for the Christmas campaign, which begins right after these celebrations.

Is your server capable of handling intense traffic?

As we have told you on more than one occasion in this blog, Shopify is the best option if you do not want to have stability problems during times of traffic peaks in your online store. Their servers are perfectly tested in times of crisis and with them you will avoid unexpected scares, with the consequent financial losses that they usually cause. If you have not yet migrated your online store to Shopify, the time has come to do so and here we explain how.

Is your online store 100% responsive?

Traffic from mobile devices is clearly increasing, which is why it is very important that our website is perfectly adapted to this type of terminal. This will facilitate navigation and prevent us from losing customers. Shopify is aware of this and that is why all its online stores are fully responsive , something that is very useful in these times.

Put a countdown in your online store

To prepare for Black Friday 2020, we recommend that you place a countdown in a visible place on the website showing the days and hours left until the event arrives. In this way, your clients will be clear that that day they will be able to find important discounts and will give us a certain priority when purchasing.

Inform your customers that Black Friday will be a great day in your online store

This is something you don't have to start doing now, but you do have to start doing it in the month leading up to the event. Be informed of the discounts that will be on your website that day and point out some specific products that will have the most significant discounts. You can do this through banners in the online store itself, but through social networks, which must be well oiled for those weeks.

Publish aggressive promotions during the previous months to attract new customers

To prepare for Black Friday 2020, it is important to increase our customer pool during the previous months. That is why we recommend that you carry out attractive promotions to attract new customers who will see us as an online store that they can trust for its low prices and good service.

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