eCommerce EMail Marketing: ¿Cómo establecer tus propios KPI?

eCommerce EMail Marketing: How to set your own KPIs?

As always, at Webmefy we want you to be up to date with all the news related to e-Commerce and marketing . Therefore, on this occasion we want to talk to you about a term that is becoming more and more popular around E-Mail Marketing, Benchmark s. This term comes from English and marks a benchmark that is used to measure the performance of an investment . This, taken to the field of marketing, is used to establish the reference set by a successful product or campaign . This concept is of vital importance, since it helps us put the success or failure of our work in perspective. Being clear about these references can be very useful to face specific campaigns such as Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday with guarantees. That is why we are going to tell you how you have to interpret this data in a way that is beneficial for your business. Keep reading because we tell you everything below.

When can we consider a marketing campaign successful?

The conversion rate of each e-commerce will vary depending on its nature, which is why there are no objective parameters that help us identify the data as good or bad. For this reason, Klaviyo has reviewed the email performance of more than 18,000 customers from 13 different industries for an entire year, analyzing automated campaigns and flows, including welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, exploration emails, and recovery electronics.

For this study, five key metrics were taken as reference:

  • Opening rate : Number of opens / number of emails delivered
  • Click through rate (CTR) : Clicks / number of emails delivered
  • Conversion rate : Orders placed / number of emails delivered
  • Revenue per recipient (RPR) : Revenue / number of emails delivered
  • Average Order Value (AOV) : Revenue / Orders Placed

Using these metrics you will be able to calculate the success of each email marketing campaign to establish reference points or benchmarks that will mark the success or failure of subsequent campaigns. You can make changes to the structure of the emails, the images or the subject and analyze what works best. We must have everything ready to face the last quarter of the year with guarantees, since it is where we will risk a good part of the work of the entire year.

The conversion rate of automated flows

Working with Klaviyo you can generate several automated email flows based on the different actions that a user performs on our website. There is the welcome flow, the abandoned cart flow, the Winback flow, or the abandonment flow. Each of them has different ratios according to this study and it is advisable to be clear about them to analyze the results of our business.

Automated welcome email flow

The data obtained by Klaviyo in its study indicates that 26.5% of these emails were opened . For its part, the CTR stood at 5.1% and the conversion was 3.04% . These data are an average of all the sectors analyzed, but they can be a good reference point to study those of our business. Regarding the RPR or the AOV, we do not see the study data as relevant in terms of the average, since these data will depend greatly on the sector we are talking about.

Abandoned cart flow

Regarding the flow of abandoned carts, it is important to be clear that this is a vitally important parameter. In this sense, it is about trying to convince someone who has already made the attempt to buy, which is why we must take great care of the content of the email. The result of the study shows that the opening rate is 20.5% , while the CTR is 4.6% and the conversion is 2.86% .

Winback Flow

This section focuses on a critical part of marketing, trying to attract inactive customers to our website who have not made a purchase for a long time. The average reference rate would be 14% email opening , 1.8% CTR and 0.89% conversion .

Browsing abandonment flow

Those customers who have browsed our website and have not purchased anything, but who have had the detail to leave their email are another group that we have to access because they need a stimulus to push them to buy. That stimulus can be sending an email. Regarding the study, we see that the opening rate stands at 28.2% , the CTR at 4.6% and the conversion reaches 1.38% .


Therefore, we see that the different data can help us take as a reference what can be good in our online store. However, the ideal is that we calculate our own rates to obtain the E-Mail Marketing Benchmarks that interest us from the campaigns that have worked best . These benchmarks will help us face the Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas campaigns with guarantees.

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