Klaviyo:4 consejos para mejorar el open rate de tus campañas

Klaviyo: 4 tips to improve the open rate of your campaigns

If you have been a follower of our blog for some time, you will already know that we are unconditional fans of the Klaviyo email marketing tool . This software is capable of simplifying as much as possible all the tasks related to the newsletter and email communications to significantly increase the sales of your online store. Therefore, on this occasion we want to focus on the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns with the aim of improving it with a series of tips that will help you very well from now on. Keep reading, because we will tell you everything below.

Data is key to carrying out successful email marketing campaigns

Knowing your client is essential if you want your email marketing campaigns to be fruitful. Data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a competitive global economy like ours . We can extract this data from different sources, whether from a questionnaire included in the registration in our online store or from the customer's own purchase history. Klaviyo is also capable of extracting data from the customer's navigation on our website , from which we can deduce which products interest them most, which we will have to influence in our email communications. Without a doubt, the latter is a really effective technique, since we will remind the customer that he has looked at those items and we will stimulate his desire to get them. However, it is important to make a clear distinction between the products that a customer has consulted and those that they have actually purchased. The latter must have a great weight in our campaigns, since they are the ones where the money ultimately ends up being spent and we must have more influence on them.

There are many ways to analyze data and multiple paths when developing our strategy. But we will not only try to improve the conversion rate through Klaviyo, but we can use tools such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads to impact customers with a specific profile that interests us.

This entire data collection task may seem tedious and complicated, but the truth is that with Klaviyo everything is considerably simplified. However, it is not enough to collect the data, but we must try to be creative when analyzing it to find the segment on which we are most interested in influencing.

Targeted Targeting to Improve Email Marketing

A common mistake in this type of communication is wanting to reach as many people as possible, thinking that this will increase the conversion rate. However, we are clear that specific segmentation into very specific groups of clients is capable of offering great results. This type of communications improves the opening rate, the click rate and access to the website per recipient.

We must try to take segmentation to a further level. We can choose to send a specific communication to a customer who has previously opened a specific email to influence it more directly . This is very likely to increase all the rates mentioned above, since it is aimed at a very specific user. As we said above, you have to be creative and try to find new ways of specific impact to increase sales.

The email subject line is key to success

How many emails have we discarded after reading your subject line? Do they all seem equally intrusive to us? On the other hand, have you ever come across an email that you wanted to open after reading its title? It is clear that the subject of the email is vital to avoid it going to the trash, especially during specific times like Black Friday, when all emails are disgustingly the same.

In a recent study carried out by Klaviyo, it is clear that the number of people who receive an email is inversely proportional to the number of people who end up opening that communication. From which we can deduce what we have already discussed in this text, that segmentation with Klaviyo is essential to improve the conversion rate of our email marketing campaigns. Most of these successful communications had short, concise subject lines. In case some examples serve as inspiration:

  • Don't miss this great offer!
  • It's here!
  • Offer ends at midnight!

As you can see, these are very direct messages that do not really reveal the content, which encourages openness through curiosity. Be creative and don't be afraid of exclamation points! (And not emojis either😜).

When is the best time to send my emails?

This is a debate that has been going on since time immemorial. There are all kinds of theories about this, but we believe that this is something that depends on each online store and each customer profile. However, Klaviyo can help you with Smart Send Time, a tool that works with thousands of data to determine when is the best time to send our emails to our clients . We will only have to activate it and the tool takes care of everything else, considerably increasing their opening rate. The use of this tool improves the data of online stores that have used it during the testing phase by an average of 10%. Very soon it will be available to be used globally.

If you found the Klaviyo tool interesting to improve the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns and you want to start working with it, here is a free trial.