Las Claves para el Buscador Interno de tu Tienda Online

The Keys to the Internal Search Engine of your Online Store

If we have a good base of loyal customers in our online store, the internal product search engine takes on special relevance. Because our customers already trust our brand and want us to be the ones to recommend the products that best suit their needs. It is for this reason that they use our internal product search engine and not any other search engine like Google, which gives us a crucial advantage over the competition. The optimization of this search engine is essential for these searches to be truly satisfactory and that is why we are going to give you several useful tips so that you can get the most out of this interesting tool in your online store. But first, let's describe what the product finder is.

What is an internal product search engine?

This is a module offered by all online stores from which we can access all the products of said e-commerce related to a keyword that we will enter in the space usually located next to the magnifying glass. Having it perfectly optimized is key for searches to translate into sales.

Why is an internal product search engine so important?

On many occasions, the customer is not able to find the product they are looking for in our online store. After browsing our website for minutes, you decide to access the search engine, but you can't find the result either, either because you enter it in the singular and we have it indexed in the plural or vice versa. You may also not find it after having entered the word with a spelling error, something very common when typing with keyboards. If we do not have a search engine capable of solving these problems, we are putting our business in serious trouble, since these are sales that are not occurring due to a structural error.

Install an advanced product finder

A search engine with these characteristics will prevent this type of situation from occurring, which does not benefit either the client or the seller. These are the main characteristics of this type of search engine:

  • Obtaining the search result even if terms are entered with spelling errors or changes from plural to singular or vice versa. It even has the option to enter synonyms.
  • Cross searches : if a product is not currently in stock in the online store, the search engine is able to return results related to the original search to stimulate the sales process.
  • Related Item Suggestion: If the search is positive, it also offers results for items related to the original to complement the original purchase.

A good search engine improves the customer experience

Customers prefer to use the search engine rather than browse the different categories of the store. For this reason, it is necessary that ours be of high quality, so that it makes the customer feel good and thus improves their user experience. Only with an accumulation of positive sensations will we get that customer to return to our online store soon.

Doofinder for Shopify

And if you use Shopiify, the best way to put all this into practice is using the Doofinder plugin, a really powerful, fast and intuitive product search engine. Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Full integration with the Shopify environment , in addition to being fully customizable.
  • Intelligent and intuitive search engine that learns from the user's previous searches.
  • Correction of spelling errors , takes into account synonyms and works with more than 30 different languages.
  • Editable searches by the seller so that the products that interest us the most appear first.

Download and install Doofinder on Shopify

Doofinder is paid , but you can try it completely free for 30 days, although we are sure that you will like it so much that you will end up purchasing it permanently.

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