TikTok: Tipos de Publicidad y Anuncios

TikTok: Types of Advertising and Ads

We have recently talked to you about all the possibilities offered by TikTok , the fashionable social network, and this time we want to focus on the different ways to advertise on it. Because brands are already aware of the tremendous potential that the Chinese social network has and are beginning to exploit it to turn it into a new business avenue. We are going to teach you how to do digital marketing and advertising on TikTok , whose videos are tremendously addictive for an audience that is very receptive to this type of content. Keep reading, because we are going to tell you everything below under these lines.

Identify your audience on TikTok

First of all , it is highly recommended that you adequately identify the target audience of your online store . It is not the same as your business being youth fashion, in which case it would be appropriate for us to use TikTok to advertise; than that of fashion for elderly people, whose approach to this social network is really limited. If our case is the first, it is clear that we will be able to continue advancing in our relationship with marketing and advertising through TikTok. However, it is important to be clear that older people are increasingly entering into the use of social networks, so it is not advisable to rule out their use completely if that is our target audience.

Advertising through ads

Like the rest of the social networks, TikTok also offers the possibility of making ads focused on an audience previously segmented by age, sex and location . They are video ads and are offered in the form of CPC (Cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPV (cost per view, which must be a minimum of six seconds). Although there is no minimum expenditure required, it is advisable to take it into consideration and make an investment according to our possibilities.

Brand Ads

This type of ad has a much higher cost, since it has a much more direct impact. The ad appears directly when the user accesses the social network , which means the message arrives immediately. This type of ad has a limited use of once a day , but it is very useful when what you want to convey is an important message for your online store, whether it is news or a really attractive offer.

Hashtag challenge

In this case it is not an investment in advertising or marketing on TikTok, but rather an interesting initiative to make your brand known and to encourage user interaction with it. It is about proposing an interesting action, linked to an attractive hashtag so that users participate. During the confinement caused by COVID-19 we have seen how many challenges were carried out to encourage user participation. It's time to rack your brains and try to do something that is attractive to your followers on this social network.

Get help from an influencer

Finally, it is also worth remembering that famous people, now called influencers, continue to be a very interesting resource to attract customers. Without a doubt, this is usually a fairly important investment, but its benefits are also important. Having your item appear on an influencer's profile can increase sales impressively, so it is a good idea to have stock ready if we finally decide to invest in this option.

As you can see, advertising and marketing through TikTok can be very interesting if we know how to use it. The Chinese social network has more and more users and that is why it is important that we get involved as soon as possible.

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