Top 5 de aplicaciones de dropshipping para Shopify

Top 5 Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

It has been a long time since we created a list of applications and that is why this time we bring you one that we found really interesting. These are five applications that will be very useful if what you want is to sell in your online store through dropshipping . What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a type of online commerce that consists of selling products whose stock is not in the online store itself , but in a third party that at the same time is in charge of logistics and shipping. This technique is really useful for those who do not have a physical place to store the products and who also do not have enough resources to carry out all the logistics tasks. For this reason, we want to show you the 5 most outstanding applications in the Shopify App Store to sell through dropshipping.

1. Oberlo

This official Shopify application has a completely free subscription. In just a few minutes you can find a large number of products to add to your online store and start selling to your customers through dopshipping. The products are grouped into different categories so that it is easy for you to find them. A strong point is the fact that each product appears with a series of indicators to make it easier to choose one or the other . You can sell rings, sunglasses, watches, clothing, electronics, and phone accessories.

2. Printify

This application is specific to sell clothing items in your online store through dropshipping. As in the previous case, this Shopify application also has a free subscription. This is a service to customize t-shirts and other clothing items with the logos you want. An on-demand service that can be very useful for events and celebrations. You can customize t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, glasses, stickers and vinyl, banners and posters, beach towels, notebooks and products for animals.

3. Dripshipper

In this case, it is a service that, although it is not completely free, only costs $25 per month. It is an application especially focused on true coffee lovers , since the beans can be sold automatically after being roasted, with your company logo and fully personalized packaging. You can sell all the most common types of coffee and even offer the option to configure the blend by the customer.

4. Eprolo

This completely free application has had significant success in recent times, since it is an official supplier of Aliexpress, the Asian giant. This application brings together more than 3,000 certified Aliexpress suppliers , which in itself is a guarantee, offering thousands of products of truly acceptable quality. Shipments and invoices are personalized with your company logo and shipping times are really tight, which considerably increases the quality of service. It also has an after-sales service that is responsible for managing refunds and returns. Bluetooth speakers, smart watches, wireless headphones, massage accessories, fitness items and fashion items can be sold.

5. Syncee

This app is free for 14 days with a limit of 30 products. This application offers a very complete database with dropshipping suppliers worldwide , so that you can choose the best option based on different criteria, such as seriousness with the customer or shipping times. You can import baby products, watches, perfumes, fashion items, toys...

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