Ventajas de Shopify para triunfar con tu marca online

Advantages of Shopify to succeed with your online brand

Choosing the most appropriate tool is essential to making your eCommerce successful. There are different management systems for online stores. One of the best known is undoubtedly Shopify - Shopify Plus . Why choose Shopify to make your brand successful in the world of e-commerce?

What is Shopify?

Shopify has become one of the most popular platforms to easily open your online store. But the reason for this is not simply that it is a SaaS solution for eCommerce at an affordable price, but rather the great features it offers due to its design, functionalities and integration with other tools, such as the Klaviyo email marketing automation software.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have become convinced that they absolutely need to sell online. Shopify has grown by 200% between January 2020 and January 2022 . Many of the new stores that have opened on Shopify are traditional businesses that have taken the step to digitalization and are exploring the field of online sales, with the advantage of the experience and knowledge of the sector that they already have in the market.

In this post we will show you the advantages of creating a Shopify online store to make your brand successful on the Internet.

Why choose Shopify to open your eCommerce store

There are several reasons why Shopify greatly reduces the barriers to entry in eCommerce. If you are looking for a suitable ecommerce CMS to make the leap to the Internet, here we show you some reasons why Shopify is a wise option.

Advantages of Shopify.

1. Hosting included - SaaS Solution

To use Shopify and create your online store you do not need to hire hosting or install anything. You just need to register as a user and start creating your eCommerce. Your website data is hosted in the Shopify cloud, so you can completely forget about the more technical part.

This is one of the great advantages of Shopify for your online brand to succeed. On the one hand, you save hosting costs, and on the other, you don't have to worry about the web speed or the scalability of your server, since you can upgrade to Shopify Plus, which has unlimited bandwidth and can support more than 500,000 visits per minute.

2. Ease of use

You don't have to be a great programmer to use Shopify . While you can always hire a web designer to create a custom Shopify design, you don't need deep resources to open an online store and start selling. In fact, you can create your online store intuitively, using the default template as a base.

This e-commerce CMS is designed for people who do not have technical knowledge of web design or programming. This greatly reduces the initial barriers to creating an online store, shortening implementation times.

On the other hand, Shopify's interface is very intuitive, you can view it in your own language and it does not present major complications.

3. No product limit

Another of the great advantages of Shopify is that you have no product limit. Online stores with a high volume of references have a better chance of achieving sales.

This allows you to create stores with thousands of products without any barrier to your growth, which would allow you to start competing on the Internet without difficulties.

The products tab allows you to create products manually, including the title, product images and descriptions, price, attributes... You can also import products from a database, so that you can upload your catalog in no time. It is very easy to use.

There is also the possibility of integrating Shopify with different applications to connect your suppliers' catalog with your store and have stock and price data synchronized.

4. User experience

Shopify offers front-end designs with a great user experience. Shopify Themes are responsive and optimized to display perfectly on mobile devices.

Your potential customers can benefit from the convenience and ease of making their purchases online, through a well-optimized shopping cart for a visually pleasing and sales-oriented checkout .

In addition, there are multiple applications and functionalities that can allow you to improve the customer retention rate, increasing user engagement with your store and boosting product visualization. Aesthetically, Shopify is very clean, intuitive and reliable, so your online brand will convey a modern and current image.

The user experience of an online store is an essential factor so that your brand can give a good image to customers . It doesn't matter what your physical store is like; If the user experience of your store on the Internet is poor, the website speed is low and checkout is complicated, your online brand will not benefit.

5. It helps you with the scalability of your business.

With Shopify you can grow hand in hand, if your plan is to scale your business, Shopify is your best ally. You can from internationalize your business to having a volume of products in your catalog and a large number of customers browsing your Shopify online store, making each of these visits optimal without the risk of collapsing. With each plan that the platform offers you, you can unlock growth barriers and even integrate them with third-party platforms created for the Shopify ecosystem, which will make your online business stand out. Not only can you connect it with different ERP management programs or CRM solutions for online stores, you also have the possibility of integrating it with e-commerce automation platforms, as is the case with Klaviyo.

With Klaviyo you can enhance both the customer acquisition part and the retention and loyalty part. It is a platform designed to be able to use your customers' data in real time and be able to show relevant content for them based on their consumption habits, tastes and preferences, content that provides value for them and enhances conversion throughout the entire life cycle. the client's.

In short, Shopify is the perfect tool to make your brand successful online . It is constantly making updates to its functionalities to be able to remain at the forefront, covering the needs of merchants and to offer the best customer experience with their online brands. Additionally, as your business grows, you can update the hiring plan and discover new features that will improve your business and help you achieve short-term results.

If you are embarking on the path of e-commerce, we can become your strategic growth partner. Whether you come from another CMS for eCommerce, or if you are creating an online store from scratch, at Webmefy we provide you with the advice and support you need to boost your sales with your Shopify online store. Contact us and move faster with our help.