7 estrategias para aumentar la retención de clientes en tu eCommerce con email marketing

7 strategies to increase customer retention in your eCommerce with email marketing

As we well know, retention is now a fundamental part of any eCommerce growth plan , day by day we see how most brands have room for improvement to reduce customer loss.

The current landscape is hypercompetitive. Anyone can launch an online store. Result? Customer acquisition costs are rising and the constant noise is making it harder to stand out. Therefore, Retention is now a pillar of all eCommerce growth strategies.

Keeping customers who have already bought from us happy is the secret to success. It's about making them feel special and heard so they keep coming back and choosing your brand over the competition.

As brands, we need to put retention right at the center of our strategies. Do you have a happy client? Brilliant. Now let's make it happier. Let's show that we don't take them for granted. Show of affection, attention: that's more than a few discounts.

Therefore, in this blog post we want to dedicate the email marketing channel to tell you a few strategies that you can implement to enhance customer retention with the content you send:

  1. Design your emails with mobile in mind – nowadays, our mobile phones are practically an extension of our arms. People use them for practically anything and everything, including online shopping and checking emails, so it's imperative to display your brand's emails tailored to these types of devices.

  2. Create a loyalty program with different levels and communicate it in your email campaigns. When customers can unlock better benefits based on their loyalty and spending, you encourage them to continue engaging with your brand to access higher rewards.

  3. Personalize content and experience: 62% of consumers say they would lose brand loyalty if they don't deliver a personalized experience! Thanks to the tools you have in Klaviyo for real-time data collection, you can offer personalized experiences at multiple touch points during the customer journey.

  4. Offer incentives for initial loyalty program participation with “low effort” rewards. What is a "low effort" reward? It's a small gesture of appreciation for the customer interacting with you in an equally small way, for example, giving 50 points for following your brand on social media. Combined with the tiered loyalty program strategy, these “low-effort” engagement rewards are a great tool to help drive customers toward greater loyalty program participation in the future.

  5. Make good use of your customers' data. One of the reasons why a brand can achieve very good results in a short time is the ability to make decisions based on data to positively impact its customers.

    Using your zero-party data is crucial for brands with the death of third-party cookies. There are loyalty program platforms that show you analytics to help you generate measurable/monitorable zero-party data .

Another way to collect qualitative data is to display tests/quizzes and questionnaires throughout the customer journey. In this way, we capture detailed customer feedback that reveals their level of satisfaction with the brand's service and what contributes to or detracts from their experience. Additionally, you will be able to identify ways to guarantee the desired results for your clients, as well as how to enhance relationships with them.

6. Include a video in your thank you emails. Often, a little extra effort goes a long way. One strategy you can use to go the extra mile for your customers is to include a video in your thank you emails or create a video thank you page linked from your email.

Thank you page videos are like post-purchase emails, but much more personal and in fact, could have a 100% “open” rate. Additionally, research data shows that customers return 2.2 times on average to check shipping updates on their orders. And when you add triggers, you can completely tailor the post-purchase experience."

The best thing about thank you videos is that you only have to record it once, but the ROI on your time doing so will be huge!

7. Implement a post-purchase feedback strategy . Most (if not all) customer retention strategies come after an initial purchase, so it makes sense that one of the most important areas for any eCommerce store owner is post-purchase feedback. You can also implement a content strategy within your emails that adopts an approach that emphasizes post-purchase engagement, this could be key to cultivating customer loyalty and fostering the sustainable growth of your business.

With increased competition and higher acquisition costs, retention is no longer just a good idea, it's crucial. So let's keep our customers close and our retention strategies even more powerful. Use direct access channels to your clients to maintain communication and feedback from them.

At Webmefy, as experts in eCommerce, we centralize the retention strategy as the heart of growth and implement actions in the different direct communication channels with customers. We are Klaviyo masters platinum and we can enhance your retention strategy in this channel. Let's take your retention strategy to the next level!