Atrae nuevos clientes y reten a los que has conseguido con una buena estrategia de marketing de contenidos.

Attract new customers and retain the ones you have achieved with a good content marketing strategy.

If you want to attract customers, retain them, generate sales and increase the visibility of your online store, we recommend that you create a content marketing strategy. It consists of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content for your customers with the aim of attracting their attention, gaining relevance within your market niche and generating trust in your brand.

Below, we tell you some of the benefits that content marketing offers for your ecommerce:

Customer attraction:

Content marketing allows you to attract potential customers by providing them with useful information, solving their problems, and meeting their needs. By creating valuable content for your customers, you can increase the visibility of your online store and attract more organic traffic through search engines or social networks.

Brand building:

The more information and content you share with your users, the more trust and expertise you transmit to your audience, generating trust and loyalty in your ecommerce. Therefore, relevant and quality content helps build brand image and establish your authority within your industry.

Lead generation:

Through content marketing, you can get information from the contacts who visit you and who are interested in your content, such as users who subscribe to your newsletter, those who complete some type of quiz... This allows you to build a list of qualified leads to subsequently impact through a good marketing strategy.

SEO improvement:

Providing valuable and optimized content can help your positioning in search results. By creating content based on your target audience's keywords and search queries, you increase the chances of your ecommerce appearing in the first search results, which in turn increases visibility and sales opportunities.

Generation of trust and loyalty:

By providing valuable and educational content, you establish a relationship of trust with your audience. If you want to get a recurring customer, provide useful information in the content you share with them. When customers perceive that your brand cares about their well-being and provides them with relevant information, they are more likely to return and make repeat purchases from your ecommerce.

Amplification in social networks:

Generating valuable or curious content for our clients makes it highly shareable content on social networks, that is, if your blog posts, infographics, videos or other types of content are interesting and useful, it is more likely that your followers share it on their own networks voluntarily, which increases your brand exposure and attracts new potential customers.

Example RRSS video Lady Pipa

Influence on purchasing decision making:

It is one of the most important parts that content marketing will influence in your ecommerce. Detailed content, reviews, tutorials, and comparisons help customers better understand your products and make informed decisions, increasing conversions.

In addition to knowing the benefits that content marketing brings you, we want you to know in which channels you can implement this strategy to grow your ecommerce sales:


Creating a blog in your ecommerce allows you to publish relevant and useful content for your audience. You can write articles related to your industry, tips for using your products, buying guides, product reviews... The blog is an excellent way to attract organic traffic to your online store.

Coolligan blog example

Social networks:

They are a powerful platform to share content and promote your products. You can use channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube to post visual content, infographics, videos, tips, promotions, and customer testimonials. Social networks allow you to interact with your audience, generate engagement and drive traffic to your ecommerce.

Email marketing:

An effective way to keep your customers informed and engaged is through email marketing. You can send periodic newsletters with content of interest, product news, exclusive offers, personalized recommendations or educational content. Also, don't forget that you can use email automations to send personalized messages based on your customers' behavior and preferences.

Mustela email example


Video content is gaining more and more popularity. You can create video tutorials, product demos, customer testimonials, interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and more. You can host your videos on your website, share them on social networks, or even create your own YouTube channel. Videos are highly attractive and help show your products in a more visual and attractive way.

User-generated content:

Encourage your customers to share their experience with your products or services through reviews, testimonials, or social media posts. Afterwards, you can highlight this content in your ecommerce, on your networks or even in email campaigns. This not only increases the trust of other potential customers, but also involves your existing customers in your content marketing strategy.

In short, content marketing plays a fundamental role in the success of your ecommerce. By providing valuable and relevant content, you can attract and retain customers, improve your online visibility, build a strong brand, and increase sales for your online business.

For this to work, remember to adapt the strategies to your audience and the channels that best fit your ecommerce. Each channel has its own characteristics and requirements, so it is important to track results and adjust based on performance.

At Webmefy we know how important it is to have a good content strategy to attract and retain your customers. If you want us to help you create a good omnichannel content strategy, contact us. Talk later?