Beneficios del Live Shopping como estrategia de eCommerce

Benefits of Live Shopping as an eCommerce strategy

Live Shopping is one of the trends that is defining communication strategies in eCommerce. The rise of live broadcasts on social networks such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch or Facebook makes audiovisual platforms and media one of the tools that online stores can also take advantage of to increase sales.

Today we want you to know the benefits of applying Live Shopping to your eCommerce, as well as some tips that you should keep in mind to get the most out of it. But first we want you to be clear about what Live Shopping , or “Live Shopping”, consists of. Shall we start?

What is Live Shopping?

Live Shopping , also sometimes known as Live Streaming eCommerce, consists of nothing more nor less than using live video broadcasts to promote your products. These are not advertisements in the strict sense, but rather a sample or unboxing of products, generally carried out by influencers.

Using Live Shopping to sell involves focusing on certain segmented audiences. The aim is to create a natural, non-invasive relationship between the influencer or streamer who recommends or shows how a product works, and the potential buyer.

Thus, for example, an online beauty products store can promote its products through a streamer specialized in beauty tips and recommendations, showing the real effect of products such as lipstick, makeup and other similar items.

Live Shopping can be applied in many sectors, so it is a great opportunity to sell products from your eCommerce to a wide and segmented audience. It is currently a trend that is exploding in China, where according to the consulting firm McKinsey, more than 13% of brand sales are achieved through Streaming Commerce .

Advantages of Live Shopping for your eCommerce

What are the advantages of applying Live Streaming to your eCommerce? Can a live show increase the sales of your online store? Let's look at some of the most important advantages of using this sales system or format to get more customers for your brand on the Internet.

1. Makes the purchasing decision easier

Streaming Commerce allows you to achieve an objective that is not easily achieved through images or descriptions: it allows you to show your products in action. And not only your products, but always accompanied by the credibility and closeness that a streamer or influencer uses or shows them live.

When customers can see the product, the purchasing decision increases, since many of the doubts that may arise when we approach a cold product are dispelled. The fact that it is a streaming or live video has greater selling power than if it were a canned video.

2. It allows you to reach larger audiences

A stream around an interesting topic and personality can allow you to attract many people who had not come into contact with your online store. During live shows, a closeness is created between the audience and the streamer that allows them to have a greater capacity to influence people.

This gives you a reach that social networks do not provide through advertising, which, although they are also very useful, lack the benefits of “live”, where users can interact with the influencer through chat, or even raise your questions and doubts that may arise.

3. You can achieve high engagement on social networks

Using Live Shopping can have a high impact on your social networks. A live video does not end the moment the influencer says goodbye to his audience. There may still be comments between users who have logged in; Social networks can spread the influencer's video, recommend it to their friends or generate debate around it.

“Streaming” has a high impact on the way customers relate to brands. Not only will there be many users who share or buy the product, relationships of trust will also be generated with the brand, since the followers of an influencer can have a high degree of loyalty to the streamer's advice and lifestyle.

4. It is a great opportunity to offer discounts

Streaming Commerce or “live shopping” is a great opportunity for potential customers to see what your products are like. For a long time, their attention stays on the product they might be interested in purchasing.

If you also provide them with a discount, which will only be available for a limited time (even limited to the duration of the streaming itself), the chances of making sales increase. These sales are not just one-time purchases, but the user enters your sales funnel and you can continue working to convert them into a recurring customer and ambassador of your brand, using email marketing automation tools for eCommerce like Klaviyo .

Do you know the new Shopify integration with YouTube?

This new integration allows you to execute your live Shopping strategy. Below we will tell you how to apply Live Shopping in your Shopify store

Shopify gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of Live Shopping through its integration with YouTube .

  • Just install the Google Channel in your Shopify App Dashboard and connect it to your YouTube account.
  • You can make your products appear on YouTube Shopping, with their names, images, prices and details, which will allow you to capture sales from this platform.
  • With this application you can also create live shopping experiences, where you can tag products in the videos during the live broadcast, which will help create a more attractive experience and increase the chances of conversion.
  • You will also be able to track the sales that come from YouTube, with your streaming campaigns to show your products.

In short, Shopify users have an ideal application to implement Live Shopping in your strategy and increase their sales thanks to the power of streaming. Are you taking advantage of this sales strategy for your online store? At Webmefy we help you identify the best applications and tools to increase your conversions. Talk to us if you want to start increasing your online sales.