Qué es el Black Friday y el CyberMonday

What is Black Friday and CyberMonday

Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday and CyberMonday are two of the most relevant commercial events for e-commerce throughout the year. With an average spending of more than €71 per person in 2021 according to Shopify data, these are days in which you can not only increase sales, but also the purchase receipt, and most importantly, expand the list of subscribers to your store with new customers attracted by great discounts.

Below we would like you to know a little more about what Black Friday is and what Cyber ​​Monday is , as well as the importance of using these dates to enhance your sales strategy in your eCommerce .

Difference between Black Friday and CyberMonday

Although this commercial event began as a trend in the United States for the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving (which is always celebrated on the last Thursday in November), these dates have spread to numerous countries around the world as the starting signal for the Christmas campaign.

During these days there are the highest and juiciest discounts of the year. If Black Friday is a commercial opportunity aimed at all businesses in any sector, CyberMonday has traditionally been considered a day focused on online shopping. Hence it has also been called “Cyber ​​Monday” , and it is actually one of the days in which the largest online purchases of the year occur.

When is Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in Spain?

If you have an eCommerce, the dates of Black Friday 2022 (November 25) and CyberMonday 2022 (November 28) should be marked in red on your calendar. Furthermore, you should start preparations now so that your online store can have an effective strategy that allows you to increase sales and attract potential customers at a time when consumers are making their first purchases before Christmas.

Design your marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

No online store should stand aside towards Black Friday. At a time when sales are skyrocketing, it's your opportunity to draw up a marketing strategy that helps you reach new audiences and expand your customer list.

1. Establish discounts on Black Friday

During the days of Black Friday the most recognized stores will offer discounts of 40 or 50% . We must be clear that these are crucial days for sales, so a brand that wants to stand out from its competition must take into account the price factor in order to have visibility.

The objective of Black Friday sales is to find new customers and generate loyalty for Christmas. The discount should be conceived as an investment to attract new customers to your email funnel, which will help you not only compete by volume, but also generate more sales in the long term.

2. Optimize your inventory

Black Friday and CyberMonday are key dates to reorder and optimize your inventory. Most likely in the next few days you will receive new items in the warehouse to face the Christmas campaign, so it is important to leave space and clean your inventory to be able to optimize your sales strategy in the future.

These dates are also a first litmus test to analyze market trends and be able to analyze the behavior of your customers with an eye on the Christmas campaign.

3. Work email marketing on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

On Black Friday and CyberMonday you can offer high ticket products, with the incentive of accompanying them with great discounts. You should not be afraid to carry out campaigns focused on customers with a high purchase value, since it is precisely at these times that there are more opportunities to achieve greater sales.

Email marketing and Shopify on Black Friday: Create VIP emails to increase your sales

In your email marketing campaign you should use scarcity and urgency to get a better response from your leads. Therefore, do not hesitate to indicate the date and time in which your 40 or 50% discounts will disappear. Although discounts can be displayed throughout the store, you can also offer segmented discounts for your best customers, using personalized discount coupons with Shopify to increase your sales.

Create a succession of emails for your customer segments

Black Friday and CyberMonday discounts are usually not limited to these specific days, but can sometimes last the entire weekend, a full week, or even retain some discounts for a month. Whatever your strategy, during the Black Friday weekend the ideal is to create a succession of emails, which you send to your segmented mailing lists to try to increase conversions.

The Klaviyo solution is the email marketing automation tool that allows you to create highly segmented campaigns, analyze the results and statistics of your campaigns, and track your customers. As we pointed out, remember that a very important aspect is to use these days to increase your subscriber list.

4. Create your ad campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Don't wait until the last few days before Black Friday to create your ad campaign on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the greater the competition and the higher the advertising costs for the most relevant keywords.

Although advertising campaigns play a decisive role in achieving sales and subscribers, remember that it is easier to sell to subscribers on your mailing list than to get new customers. Therefore, take the opportunity to complement your advertising strategy with your email marketing actions. Work on the content of your emails to convert your new customers gained during Black Friday into loyal and recurring customers, as well as future ambassadors of your brand.

At Webmefy we help your eCommerce analyze its data, increase its conversions and develop its marketing strategy. Get ready for Black Friday and CyberMonday and make your online store make a difference at a time when your business's purchases can skyrocket. Do you want to know how we can help you boost your sales during this season? Contact us

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