¿Cómo hacer descuentos combinados en Shopify para el mismo pedido?

How to do combined discounts in Shopify for the same order?

Discounts can be a very effective way to increase sales, get rid of products that you have not sold for a long time, or try to retain your customers. There are individual discounts, as well as combined discounts on Shopify , which can be applied to the same order.

In this article we want you to know how to make discounts in Shopify and the types of discounts that can be created in Shopify, as well as the advantages of combining discounts in your online store .

Types of discounts on Shopify

There are many ways to make discounts on Shopify : with a discount code or coupon, a monetary discount, a percentage on the price... And there are also different ways to apply them, since there are discounts aimed at the shopping cart, and also discounts that are applied to a line of products, or to a specific segment of customers.

The types of discounts that can be made on Shopify can be easily viewed from your store dashboard.

1. Product discount amount

This is a product discount, which can be applied automatically or with a coupon or discount code that you can name whatever you want.

This type of discounts can be a fixed amount (-20 euros), or a percentage of the price of the product (-5%). It can be applied to specific categories or collections, or to a specific product in your store. You can also establish conditions so that the discount can be applied, for example a minimum purchase amount or minimum quantity of items in the shopping cart.

Discounts of this type can be applicable to all customers, customers in a certain segment or specific customers. You can also establish usage limits, as well as a period in which the discount will be applicable.

2. Order discount amount

This type of discount is very similar to the previous one, but it is applied to orders, not products. That is, whether we establish that it is a percentage or a fixed amount, it will be applied on the shopping cart page. A 20% discount on a product is not the same as on an order, since an order can include several references. A 20% discount on an order of 100 euros is much more interesting than a 20% discount for a product worth 20 euros.

3. Buy X, get Y

In this type of discounts, customers can get a free product when they buy another. Generally, this type of discounts is used for products that are related to each other. For example, a user buys a smartphone and you give them a protector compatible with that tablet. This is a discount on spices, so the user will no longer have to spend money buying the related product.

This type of buy X, get Y discounts can also be applied with a minimum amount per order. That is, the user gets a free product if their order reaches a certain amount. This is important, since when it comes to products that do not leave you a high margin, giving away a related product that costs 10 or 20 euros represents a loss that may not compensate you.

4. Free Shipping on Shopify

It is the type of discount in which the user gets free shipping costs. It can be used for example for specific days, such as a holiday, with the aim of stimulating sales. You can also apply it specifically to specific customer segments and even make it apply only to certain countries. The free shipping discount may also exclude shipping rates over a certain amount.

What is combining discount codes in Shopify for an order?

Typically, when we talk about discounts, we are thinking about individual products that carry a discount, or a general discount code, which is applied on the checkout page and applied to the entire order. But is it possible to combine different types of discounts on Shopify ? That is, can a customer have a percentage discount in the shopping cart, and at the same time maintain a monetary discount on a specific product?

In Shopify it is now possible to do so and the discount calculation will be done automatically on the checkout page. Automatic discounts on Shopify are often applied to actual product prices, so sometimes mixing discounts can be a problem. However, if you choose the combined discount option, you can maintain two or more discounts and the final result fits within reason within your strategy.

The truth is that in Shopify we can make different discount combinations , which provides many advantages. For example, let's say you want to apply a €5 discount to a specific product or product line. That product costs 20 euros. But at the same time, you want to apply a discount percentage of 10%, which would be applied to the cart. How much would the client pay in the end? With the combined discounts functionality, the percentage would be applied once the first discount has been discounted (20 - 5 = €15 - 10% = €13.50).

Combined discounts give the customer more reasons to buy. Suppose it is a discount that a customer has who has not purchased any product for several months. If the user sees that in addition to using their discount code at checkout, they can maintain the product line discounts that you make at a general level in your store, they will be obtaining their order with a very high discount, which is an incentive.

Establishing an effective promotions strategy that helps you stimulate sales, without negatively affecting your profits, is key to being successful with your eCommerce. At Webmefy we can help you develop your discount policy, as well as apply other techniques to increase the sales and profits of your Shopify store. Write to us now to know more details.