Cómo conseguir clientes para mi tienda online con Shopify Audiences

How to get customers for my online store with Shopify Audiences

One of the challenges of eCommerce in 2022 is finding customers with a high purchase intention. As competition grows, ads on ad platforms and networks are decreasing your return on investment. For this reason, today it is more important than ever that you can effectively segment your audiences through specific tools, such as the Shopify Audiences app .

What is Shopify Audiences and how can it help your business? How to get more online sales with this tool? In this post we will show you the keys to take advantage of its full potential, we show you how to get more online sales thanks to Shopify Audiences.

What is Shopify Audiences

This is an exclusive application for Shopify Plus users, through which they can set up audiences, reduce advertising investment costs, and increase the chances of achieving more conversions. We are talking about a customer acquisition tool, which can have great advantages to achieve your sales objectives.

eCommerce managers invest large advertising budgets in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to attract the maximum number of customers to their sales funnel. Without traffic that reaches a landing page and leaves an email, makes a purchase or subscribes to notifications, it is very difficult to build an audience that allows you to achieve a high number of loyal customers.

The biggest risk of this practice is that poor segmentation can skyrocket costs. Many times advertising managers work blindly and need to test different audiences until they can optimize advertising costs to the maximum. It is of little use to you to invest thousands of euros in getting traffic if it does not fit the precise characteristics of your buyer persona (ideal client) .

With Shopify Audiences you can find highly qualified prospects , which can provide you with a return on investment up to 3 times better than with traditional channels, as explained in the BUBS Naturals success story .

Please note that Shopify Audiences is only available for stores that sell in the United States, use the Shopify Plus plan, and are also using the Shopify Payments system.

How Shopify Audiences works

Shopify Audiences is a tool or application that runs directly in the Shopify panel of your online store.

It works through a Machine Learning algorithm , which allows you to optimize your advertising audiences so that users with a high purchase intention reach your store.

You can do this thanks to the analysis of the behavior of the users who come to your store. The tool tracks and analyzes the performance of your audience so you can optimize your campaigns and improve your results. From the tool you can easily create audiences with a few clicks, selecting in advance the product you want to sell.

What type of audience is most suitable for a specific product? Select the product you want to sell in the tool and Shopify Audiences will intelligently optimize your audience so that your campaigns focus on qualified users with a higher purchase intention.

The machine learning algorithm allows you to match the buyer's intention with the unique attributes of each product in your store that you are going to advertise. Additionally, Shopify Audiences considers previous order data to predict which user is most likely to purchase from an online store.

How Shopify Audiences works can be summarized in 3 steps:

  1. Create a new audience and select a product you want to promote in your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns.
  2. Immediately afterwards you will be able to see a panel with the volume of income generated, number of orders, average value per order and new customers.
  3. This information will allow you to export the audience list to your Facebook Ads account and then the advertising tool will allow you to start campaigns targeted towards that specific audience.

What benefits does Shopify Audiences provide for customer prospecting?

You might be wondering what specific benefits you could get from implementing Shopify Audiences for your ad campaigns.

These are some of the competitive advantages of using this tool in your marketing and sales strategy.

1. Increase conversion rate

Stores that have started using Shopify Audiences experience notable conversion growth in their ad campaigns. Since ads are targeted to an audience with high purchase intent, a direct purchase is more likely to occur.

2. Increase sales revenue

The increase in conversions is accompanied by an overall increase in the sales income of your online store.

3. Boost customer retention

Since you are segmenting your campaigns based on your current list of buyers, you increase the chances of building customer loyalty, that is, getting them to buy the same product or similar products again.

4. Advertising cost optimization

Improve the efficiency of the advertising costs you invest in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Get a better ROI from all your campaigns, so that you can effectively distribute the budget.

Shopify Audiences and data privacy

With this exclusive application for Shopify Plus you can export your customers' authorized email addresses to advertising platforms in encrypted form, without risking data privacy.

All data added to the tool is encrypted, so no platform or company will have access to statistics that include buyers' personal data. In this way, Shopify responds to one of the challenges that we saw in eCommerce trends for 2022, and it is the increasingly growing concern about data privacy.

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