Cómo Crear Vídeos Optimizados para tu Ecommerce

How to Create Optimized Videos for your Ecommerce

If you manage an online store, you already know that content marketing is key to generating traffic and conversions . Taking into account the rise in the use of mobile terminals, we find that there are more than 5 billion phones that are consulted more than 60 times a day. Furthermore, the growing trend towards mobile-first optimization makes online stores increasingly concerned that the resources they use are adapted to the mobile screen.

Thus, it seems logical to rely on images and videos to capture the attention of your potential clientele. In this post we tell you how to incorporate this ideal alternative to attract more traffic to your online store and Shopify.

Videos in ecommerce

You may be surprised by the proposal, but conjugating the verb buy in all possible tenses has gone down in history. Although you have an e-commerce to generate profits, you can also increase the sales of your store using attractive content that informs about the latest news in your catalog .

And as a complement, there is nothing better than betting on videos to sell more and including them in the product sheets of your online store, on your blog, social networks, email marketing campaigns... And why include a video in the sheet? of a product? Very easy. Video is an excellent tool to show a large amount of valuable information in just a few seconds . It allows you, among other things, to show the item from different points of view so that buyers can better appreciate its features and uses. And if, for example, it is clothing and footwear, you can show the user how it could fit and how it would combine with other products.

In addition, uploading a video to your ecommerce gives you the option of telling a complete story to capture the attention of your potential clientele.

videos optimized for eommerce

How to make a video for your ecommerce

The usual thing is to think that a good video means calling a professional, something that never hurts, and that recording and editing is too complicated. However, there are a series of aspects to take into account that will allow you to obtain a video optimized for Shopify or any other platform you use, without paying anything and achieving a perfect result.

First of all, let's remember the importance of using time as a resource and how important it is to optimize it . Therefore, first of all it is advisable to plan the process well and not improvise . The following steps will help you achieve your goal.

  • Write a script according to your content marketing
  • You can use a drawing, video or image as a base. The important thing is that you decide how long it will last (at most two minutes if you want to maintain attention) and how you are going to convey your message.
  • Dedicate the necessary time to this task because it will help you save time.
  • If your stock is very large and varied, carefully analyze which products you are going to apply this resource to . Generally, you can focus on those products that sell the most, this way we reinforce trust in it and you will have more chances of conversion.

Free use videos

Just because it's free doesn't mean it's of poor quality. In fact, you will be surprised to see the number of free-to-use videos at your fingertips that will help you obtain a professional result. Among others, the following stand out:

To download free videos , you can access Videvo, Pexels, Destils or Pixabay among others. Go for HD quality and thus give your video a touch of professionalism. Complete your proposal with free-to-use videos that include fragments of movies (Archive.org), space (NASA) or more classic graphic material (Critical Past).

For free music and sound files , you'll generally find everything you're looking for at Freesound.org, Looperman, or the YouTube Audio Library.

If you want to pay for the above material, thus guaranteeing quality, you just have to access Video Hive or Audio Jungle, where you will find everything you need.

Video editing programs

You already have the script and the material you are going to use, all that remains is for you to get to work to shape your video . We recommend that you use some of the following video editing programs.

Quik (GoPro)

The famous camera manufacturing company has managed to create an app that makes it easy for you to import all types of images and sounds. It also allows the addition of texts and music. To sell a product it is infallible. In fact, in less than five minutes you will get a perfect video.

Lumen 5

The inclusion of images, articles or various elements in a video is always positive and provides a touch of style that is more than recommended. Choose, from any of the free material sources mentioned above, what best fits your script and edit it with this free tool. You can incorporate a call to action at the end of the video.


There are options like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie that are recommended, but this one includes more professional alternatives that even allow you to correct colors or create various visual effects. You need some patience, but once you understand how it works you won't want to use any other alternative.

Optimize video for your ecommerce and email marketing campaigns

After following the instructions above, you can now upload your video to Shopify, social networks or any promotional email you send. However, it is important to emphasize that each social network requires a series of specific characteristics for the videos you are going to upload.

It is best that you read the requirements of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube before finishing your video. Since you are going to make an effort, let this help you generate the attention you deserve and, above all, get hundreds of customers to access your store.

Don't forget the responsive design (so your creation can look good on tablets and mobile phones) and select the preview with tools like Canva. Remember that the still image of the video is what may encourage someone to click to see your content.

Remember that starting with free and accessible tools like the ones we have shown you is very good when you start, since they offer good quality results. However, for a store to grow and be scalable over time, its activity and the resources used must also be scalable . So if your ecommerce starts to grow, do not hesitate to count on the help of professionals who know how to guide you and thus be able to scale your business effectively.

Why can a video make a difference?

Because it is short content that includes everything the customer needs to know about a product or service . In addition, it is a blank canvas, on which you can paint what you prefer, including part of your business philosophy, offers, messages or whatever you prefer. In addition, 85% of the content consulted on the Internet is videos , so do not hesitate to use them as a perfect attraction.

A video can make the product, service or image of your company that you want to show more attractive. When interacting with the user, a video can provoke more emotional responses than any other resource.

It can make a difference, since a user who perceives a bad impression of a brand does not usually repeat it.

Any change or addition that we make to our online store must be applied focusing on a final objective. Above all, in an online store, whether on Shopify or any other platform, we will have to plan well in which part of the funnel we are going to place the video and plan the message of the video accordingly. Appearing on the homepage is not the same as appearing on the product sheet.

Remember that the main objective of an ecommerce is conversion. But to reach this step, you must first go through different processes of our sales funnel, which is why we must take into account the type of video we use in the different parts, as well as in the campaigns we carry out.

In summary, the use of videos in an online store provides you with many benefits to increase the conversion rate of your business . Aim to surprise your clientele and make sure to follow the data-driven philosophy to take advantage of the data generated by your clients.

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