Cómo el Growth Hacking te ayuda a adquirir nuevos clientes

How Growth Hacking Helps You Acquire New Customers

One of the priorities of many entrepreneurs when launching an e-commerce project is undoubtedly the growth strategy. How to achieve eCommerce objectives and consolidate in the market in a highly competitive environment? What techniques to carry out to acquire new clients? These two questions have an answer. We talk about Growth Hacking.

For many years, Growth Hacking has been talked about as a discipline aimed mainly at startups, specifically web applications. But the principles of creating creative and innovative strategies and tactics to achieve the greatest growth in the shortest time and with the available resources are applicable to any e-commerce.

In this sense, your e-commerce should not be afraid to apply the strategic methods of Growth Hacking to achieve its objectives. Ultimately, it is about acquiring users who will at the same time become customers. In this article we will show you the advantages of applying growth systems aimed at acquiring customers.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the discipline that combines resources, skills and tools to achieve a previously defined business objective.

When an eCommerce company sets a sales objective, it usually does not know the exact and precise path to achieve it in the shortest time possible. You thus run the risk of digressing into different techniques, without rigorous control of the deadlines and financial costs of your marketing actions.

On the other hand, if you don't pay enough attention to data analytics, trying to reach a goal is like walking blind. Growth Hacking consists of using a compass and a map to best reach the destination you are going to.

The Growth Hacker combines the knowledge provided by data analysis and the use of performance indicators (KPI's) to apply techniques that help achieve objectives in the best way, with the lowest costs and in the shortest time possible. It is about not persisting with actions and strategies that do not work, focusing on the results.

How does growth hacking help you acquire customers?

One of the challenges of every eCommerce when it is starting is customer acquisition . If clients are not acquired, there will not be enough income to guarantee the stability of the project and achieve profits.

Many online stores go through a long journey through the desert when they take their first steps. This is precisely because they did not have a Growth Hacking strategy, so they have not planned their growth according to objective data, work calendars, innovative techniques and actions, and performance analytics.

On the other hand, many online stores may use conventional methods to try to attract their first customers. Although this can give results in the long term, the possibility of using innovative and disruptive marketing actions that would accelerate customer acquisition would have great benefits for the company and would allow the project to be consolidated in less time and less costs.

Along these lines, Growth Hacking would allow you to achieve an objective to optimize costs and increase the chances of success of your project.

Growth Hacking techniques to attract customers to your eCommerce

To acquire new customers, in addition to having an online store on platforms like Shopify , it is necessary to correctly define your buyer persona and attract qualified traffic.

This is one of the first challenges of the Growth Hacker in every e-commerce project. A marketing action to get a lot of traffic in a short time can be investing in Ads, aimed at reaching specific audiences based on advertising costs. Unlike conventional advertising, you can segment your audience so that ads are only offered to those who meet the requirements of your potential audience.

Another technique to acquire customers that a Growth Hacker can use is to get a group of influencers to recommend their products, which would allow the online store to achieve a high volume of audience in a short time. Performing an SEO audit on your eCommerce would also allow you to apply some improvements and modifications to your on-page SEO to better position your product sheets and achieve a greater sales volume.

However, applying Growth Hacking in eCommerce is not just about reaching the largest possible audience. You also have to ensure that the largest possible number of customers who come to your store end up completing a purchase. That is, the Achilles heel of many online stores: converting visits into customers . A growth plan for eCommerce will establish the objectives in terms of number of registered users, conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, average purchase receipt, billing and retention.

Growth Hacking is not limited to conventional strategies. You must rigorously analyze the data to see if your methodologies allow you to achieve your goal. Through data analytics instruments such as A/B testing , it is possible to assess whether it is worth continuing with a strategy, or where greater human and financial efforts should be invested.

There are many Growth Hacking techniques that can help you achieve your goals. For example:

  • Give a discount in exchange for the user registering with their data. This would allow you to introduce it into your sales funnel, and convert it into a customer through an email marketing strategy.
  • Facilitate social recommendations , asking satisfied customers to leave reviews, or spread the product on their social networks.
  • Generate a feeling of scarcity, with notices for the user that indicate the number of stocks left of a product, or if another customer has just purchased that product.
  • Apply shopping cart recovery techniques , which would help increase the conversion rate. Tools like Klaviyo allow you to automate emails aimed at users who have abandoned the shopping cart.

These are just some Growth Hacking techniques for e-commerce. But it is important to be clear that everything starts with a defined and realistic objective, data analysis tools and implementing innovative strategies and techniques that allow you to acquire more customers.

If you want to use the differential value of data and Growth Hacking techniques to increase the number of customers and the income of your online store, we invite you to talk to us .

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