Cómo recuperar los carritos abandonados con Klaviyo

How to recover abandoned carts with Klaviyo

recover-abandoned-carts Have you ever added a product to your shopping cart in an online store, but haven't gotten around to purchasing it? There could be many reasons for your decision: perhaps you were not ready to buy, or perhaps the shipping costs seemed expensive, or you were not yet clear which product was best and you preferred to leave it for later. This is what is known as abandoned carts , although there is a way to try to recover them through Klaviyo .

According to Baymard Institute , almost 70% of carts are abandoned in an eCommerce, which means that for every 10 people who enter an online store, 7 of them abandon their cart without completing their purchase. Do you know how much it would mean in sales to recover these carts?

Today we are going to tell you actions to implement in your Shopify online store strategy to reduce the percentage of abandoned carts and increase your sales. The keys to cart recovery are shipping times, personalization , and automation with Klaviyo.

How to send abandoned cart emails with Klaviyo?

Abandoned cart emails consist of an email that is automatically sent to the user who has added one or more products to the cart, but did not make the purchase.

These emails are:

  • Automatic
  • 100% legal
  • Custom
  • Profitable

Obviously, the only way to send a reminder email to this user is if you have the email of your users, either because they have purchased a product before, or because they have registered in a subscription pop-up on your website. . This is important, because sending abandoned cart emails is completely legal and GDPR compliant , as it is only sent to users who have given their consent for their data to be collected.

Through an email automation platform like Klaviyo , you can detect which registered user has added a product, but has not completed the purchase, and send them an email.

These types of personalized emails focus exclusively on the products the user added and politely and non-invasively invite them to check out. The objective of this abandoned cart email is to try to eliminate the points of friction that have led the user to not continue.

Klaviyo offers us the option to mark the time that passes from the moment the registered user leaves the online store checkout until the abandoned cart recovery email is sent.

abandoned cart

In fact, you can schedule an email flow so that if the customer has not yet made their purchase after sending them a first email, a second automated email is sent to remind them again.

checkout flow

What advantages do reminder emails have to increase your conversions?

Personalized email flows can be very effective for abandoned cart recovery.

These are some of its main advantages

  1. High email opening rate

Keep in mind that e-mail marketing can have very high opening rates , between 15 and 50% in the best of cases, while shopping cart abandonment rates can often exceed 50%. .

This allows us to regain the attention of at least 35% of users who abandoned the shopping cart during a day, who could reconsider their purchase.

  1. They are customers with purchase intention

The profile of users who have added a product to the shopping cart shows that they have purchase intention. At least, there is a notable difference between the user who has not added the product to the cart and has left the online store, and the user who has pressed the “Add to shopping cart” button.

In many cases, the problem is that the user has not yet decided, but could do so in the next few hours or days. Furthermore, if you have the user's email, this means that they have probably purchased before, so there is a greater chance that they will do so again.

  1. Excellent conversion rates

According to Klaviyo, conversion rates for shopping cart recovery emails are between 2.5% and 4%. This means that for every 100 users who abandoned their shopping cart, 4 could do so after sending them the email.

If we extrapolate this data to a high-traffic online store, we are talking about a difference of dozens or hundreds of daily sales, so it is clearly worth including the abandoned cart email in your sales strategy.

How to create abandoned shopping cart emails

Shopping cart emails must be original, discreet and non-invasive. It must be taken into account that the user may have abandoned the cart for multiple reasons.

Being excessively insistent or sending an automated email flow with a short time interval can have the opposite effect.

1 or 2 emails may be enough to try to get the user to make their purchase in the next 24 hours. After that time, the user must be allowed to breathe if they still have the product in the shopping cart.

The abandoned cart email in eCommerce must have some characteristics:

    • Have a catchy subject line: it's about encouraging the user to click to boost your opening rate.
    • Inform: the objective of the email text is to inform the user that they still have the possibility of purchasing the products in their cart.
    • Products: ideally, the email can display the image and name of the product or products that the user added to the cart.
    • Incentive: the incentive can be a very good resource if you implement it strategically: as with Klaviyo you can access various data about your clients, you could implement conditions within the flows based on this data, Ex:
      After a first reminder email, you can include a second email segmenting those who have not previously purchased so that you can send an incentive only to users who meet that requirement.

      Another option is to implement an incentive by setting a rule for who leaves the cart abandoned with a value of x€ (take into account your average ticket to establish that value). For example, if the user leaves the cart abandoned with products that total €100, they will be Send a reminder email with an incentive.

      Or, you could even implement a rule within the flow by user location. If the user is located somewhere where you can offer them a FREE-SHIPPING discount, encouraging them to complete the purchase.
  • CTA: the call-to-action is essential for the user to click and return directly to the checkout page, which is undoubtedly one of the most important pages in your online store.

At Webmefy we are specialists in increasing the eCommerce conversion rate through email marketing. If you want to implement an abandoned cart recovery strategy with Klaviyo, talk to us .