Estrategias email marketing para el BFCM 2021

Email marketing strategies for BFCM 2021

The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) season is just around the corner. This event has become one of the most important in the world.

Now more than ever, the online dimension has acquired great relevance, which is why it is essential to design a good digital marketing strategy and carefully choose the channels that will be used for its dissemination.

In order to determine the channels that you are going to use in your strategy, you must take into account which are the most used by your potential clients and your regular consumers, so as not to waste efforts on channels that are not going to bring you any benefit.

Email marketing is one of the channels that offers the best results. Most businesses tend to have this channel, but they do not get the most out of it because they do not optimize it correctly.

Some tips to succeed in email marketing.

There are little things you can do to improve your emails and differentiate yourself from the rest. Below, we leave you some tips to make your emails make a difference.

  • Personalization: It is essential if you want to connect with your clients, receiving an email addressed to everyone is not the same as receiving one exclusively for you. Try to make the content of your message as personal as possible, both in the way you address your client and in the products you are going to show them.
  • Segmentation: Use the database you have and segment it to obtain different groups of users and thus offer them different communications. For example, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity and offer a different experience to VIP customers than to those who have only purchased once from your online store.
    Segmentation will also help in the personalization of the message, so it is a good idea to use it together to obtain greater effectiveness.


  • Be original: Try to make your content different and provide value to the client. During the BFCM campaign, customers are saturated with receiving emails, so you need to attract their attention by creating fun and original content.
  • Sending time: Take into account the time zone of the person who will receive the email. Sending these types of communications at the wrong time can cost you dearly. If you know the time when your clients respond best to these messages, it is time to use that time, otherwise it is advisable to send your communications between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • Use of urgency and scarcity biases: These are two biases that you definitely have to use in your campaigns. With them you can create that immediate purchase need in users and encourage them to complete the purchase.

The importance of automated emails and forms.

Automated emails and forms are a really important part of email marketing throughout the year, but these days the importance of having them well configured and optimized increases exponentially.

Next, we are going to highlight some emails of special relevance and we are going to tell how the forms work:

1. Automated emails relevant to the BFCM:

  • The abandoned cart: The function of this email is to recover the purchases of the people who have been closest to making the purchase, that is, those people who have started the checkout, but who for some reason have decided not to finish the process.

During the BFCM, many of your customers will leave numerous abandoned carts and will possibly go to compare prices on other websites or look for similar items that are more interesting to them in terms of price. It is a really good time to draw the attention of those users who have shown great interest in your products and offer them something to complete the purchase and thus increase the sales of your ecommerce.

  • The welcome email: This email is used to welcome, as its name indicates, those users who want to be part of our community and receive messages from our brand.

During the BFCM season, and the days before this season, you can take advantage of this email to communicate the discounts that will be active on your website or the experiences that you are going to offer during these days, so that people who are starting to take part of your brand is informed of everything they will be able to find.

automatic flows

  • The product seen: At first it may seem like an email without much importance, since the purchase intention when someone sees a product on our website and leaves is low, however, during the BFCM campaign it will help us to impact people who have been viewing certain products in which a series of discounts or sales are going to be applied.
    • Up-selling and Cross-selling: To increase the average value of a customer's order, we recommend including complementary or improved products in certain emails, in this way we will ensure that a customer sees products that may interest them at a lower price and decides to take the step. to buy them before they return to their normal price.

      2. How your forms work:

      Types of forms: The first and most important thing is to know the types of forms you can create in order to define an effective strategy.
  • Popups: These are pop-up windows that appear above the content of the web page, they are normally smaller than the rest of the screen and the content in the background is usually put in a darker color so that the customer's attention is focused on that popup. It is arguably the most intrusive form, as you must close it to continue browsing the website.
  • Flyouts: They are floating windows that usually appear on the sides of the website, in a much less intrusive way than popups, since they allow the user to continue browsing, but in a more striking way than a form embedded in the page.
  • Embedded forms: These are static forms that are normally placed in the footer or on the side of the website. They are essential in your ecommerce, since if a user closes the popups or flyouts on your website, the only way to collect their information is through these forms that remain on the web.


Ways to activate forms: For forms to work correctly you must determine how you want your form to be activated.

  • Timer: The form will be displayed depending on the time the person has been in your ecommerce. It can be displayed at the moment of landing or after a few seconds. It is important to determine the time well because if we lengthen it too much the user may not be able to see it.
  • Scroll percentage: Another way to determine the appearance of the forms is through the user's scroll in the online store. This time, instead of taking time into account, we take into account the viewed part of our page.
    • Exit intention: This trigger focuses on the consumer's intention to leave our website, in this way before leaving it shows them the forms. If a good strategy is created based on this trigger, it can be one of the best options for using forms.
    • Tabs or categories of your website: You can make these forms appear only on certain pages, that is, we prepare a strategy to, for example, show a popup only on product sheets.

Knowing the types of forms we have and the way to activate them, you can generate really effective strategies for capturing leads, to avoid abandonment of your website or even collect new data from your own clients to carry out personalized actions.

It is clear that for your email marketing strategy to be successful and complete, you must have a solid database with clients who are truly committed or interested in learning about your brand. The key to any strategy within email marketing is segmentation for personalization. Integrating this channel into your global digital marketing strategy can help you boost your sales.

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