Newsletter: por qué enviarlas, qué temas tratar en ellas y la importancia de crear comunidad con su envío.

Newsletter: why send them, what topics to cover in them and the importance of creating a community with their sending.

Surely you already know the important role that email marketing plays within ecommerce, that is why today we want to focus on the importance of the newsletters that you send from your email channel.

If you still don't send campaigns from your account, we are going to give you 3 reasons why you should be doing so.

Attract traffic to your online store.

Thanks to emails you can get your customers to visit your online store again, they may not finish making the purchase, but the fact of opening the emails or the sites they visit within your page gives you information about the customer and gives you They help you know what interests them and what you should focus on to impact them the next times to get them to make a purchase.

Strengthen relationships with our clients.

This channel helps us share with our clients, on a regular basis, content not only about promotions or launches, but also of interest to our consumer about the use of the products or the results that can be obtained from them. Sending content on the same day of the week and at certain times can get your customers used to paying attention to receive information from your brand, even if they don't open emails on a regular basis, your customers may get used to seeing and waiting for your emails and That when they find those that are interesting to them, they decide to open them.

Promote products or services.

Use your newsletters to make your clients aware of new products or products that have evolved. Remember that not all your impacts should be sales-related, since your audience can become saturated and have a negative concept of your brand.

A good way to promote your new products is not only to show the product or the offer, but to talk about why that product was created, the inspiration, the story behind its creation...

New collection promotion

Topics to cover in your newsletters.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know what type of content or topics can be most successful. That is why in this blog we are going to leave you some examples of topics that you can cover in your campaigns, to enhance the growth of your ecommerce.

  • If what you are looking for is to keep your clients up to date with the publications you make on your website's blog, you can send them a campaign with the latest content from your blog or the ones that have been most successful and take the opportunity to include links to the products that are relevant to your customers. For example, if you sell packaged products, you can create a newsletter with recipes and take the opportunity to include a link to the products that contain the recipe and that can be found in your ecommerce. In this way, you are providing great value to your customers, recommending how to use the product, and you are giving them the option of obtaining them immediately.
  • If your products have a subscription option, take advantage of your newsletters to show your audiences the advantages this will have for them. For example, you can show the savings that subscribing on a monthly or annual basis will mean... You can also include user experience content about subscriptions or launch an offer to new subscribers.

  • Without a doubt, a good time to launch a newsletter is when your brand is going to organize or sponsor an event. If you want everyone to know about your event, you need to use your own media to convey the message to your community. Notify them of the place and time in a clear and simple way, but always with the branded ticket that allows them to identify that it is your event.

Event promotion

  • Product launches or updates are always a good excuse to send an email to your community and notify them of your news. In addition to showing the launched or improved product, you can include links to complementary products or a special launch discount, to increase revenue.

  • Sharing information about your company or important moments with your clients will generate more closeness and that feeling of community. Having customers put a face to the team that makes up your brand will create trust and a deeper connection. You can also show them the purposes for which the brand was created, if it has any differential value compared to the competition that is relevant to highlight...

The importance of creating a community with your newsletters.

Finally, and after talking about all the topics that are interesting to your audience, we have to highlight the importance of creating a community with your email marketing communications.

Creating a community with your newsletter is a very valuable strategy for your ecommerce. Here we show you some outstanding reasons about the importance of developing a community through your newsletter:

  • Connection with your audience: A newsletter allows you to establish closer and direct communication with your readers or subscribers. By sharing regular, relevant content, you create a stronger bond with them, which in turn builds trust and loyalty.
  • Loyalty and retention: A well-cultivated community is more likely to stay engaged with your brand or content over time. By feeling part of a community, subscribers are more likely to stay on your list and continue actively participating.
  • Feedback and learning: The community you build through your newsletter can be a valuable source of feedback. You will get opinions, comments and suggestions that will help you improve your products, services or content.

Satisfaction survey

  • Facilitate dissemination: When you have an engaged community, they are more likely to share your newsletter with other people interested in similar topics. This way, your subscriber base can grow organically and effectively.
  • Building influence: A loyal community can become a group of advocates who help promote your ideas, products or services. Positive word of mouth is a powerful tool to boost your brand.
  • Personalization and segmentation: By knowing your community better, you can adapt the content of your newsletter to meet their specific needs and interests. Personalization can increase the relevance and impact of your messages.
  • Generate business opportunities: Maintaining an active and engaged community can open doors for collaborations, partnerships or sales. Some of your subscribers could become potential customers or partners.
  • Promote learning and education: The community you build can be a space to share knowledge, experiences and learning. Not only will you share information with them, but you will also receive new perspectives and knowledge from them.
  • Diversify your content: A community with subscribers interested in various topics gives you the opportunity to explore different areas and formats of content. This can enrich your newsletter and keep it attractive to a wider audience.
  • Positioning as a reference: By providing valuable and quality content to your community, you can establish yourself as a reference in your industry or niche. Being perceived as an authority in your field can open doors to new career opportunities.

In short, the newsletter can become a great ally to grow your business, strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty.

If you want us to help you with your email marketing strategy, don't hesitate and contact us. Talk later?