Shopify, plataforma de eCommerce líder en conversiones a nivel global

Shopify, leading eCommerce platform in global conversions

Why is Shopify Checkout a global conversion leader? Discover all its advantages:

Shopify checkout

S hopify carried out a study together with the leading consulting group "The big Three", to confirm and demonstrate that Shopify checkout is the leading payment gateway in conversion worldwide and from Webmefy, as Shopify plus official partners in Spain , it does not We can be happier to work with a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform that truly delivers high performance for online businesses.

After months of study, this leading global management consulting company found that Shopify's overall conversion rate outperforms the competition by up to 36% and an average of 15%.

Shopify leader in conversions

He also highlighted that Shop Pay, Shopify's accelerated payment gateway, can increase conversion by up to 50% compared to the guest checkout process.

The presence of Shop Pay in the checkout process can increase lower funnel conversion by 5%.

How does Shopify do it?

Through four key advantages:

Identity Network:

The future of commerce is driven by identity and digital wallets are the vehicle. The Shop Pay digital wallet is the most widespread and trusted on Shopify, with over 100 million shoppers pre-opted for one-click checkout. Upon arriving at a storefront, Shopify recognizes the potential customer with a Shop Pay account with a single click, allowing for a checkout four times faster than a guest.

But how does it work?

When a potential customer with a Shop Pay account arrives at a storefront, Shopify can recognize them with a single click. At checkout, you can even recognize most customers without any user action if they have used Shop Pay recently. That allows Shop Pay to pre-populate customer information for a seamless one-click checkout, meaning a checkout 4x faster than a guest checkout.


Shopify currently powers ~10% of US e-commerce, processed over half a trillion dollars of GMV, and supported 561 million unique online shoppers in 2022 alone. By leveraging this unmatched volume of data to improve your checkout at a surprising rate. This includes constant changes to the checkout process, from small changes such as optimizations to the display of buttons and the order of fields, as well as larger changes including major developments such as single-page checkout .

one-page checkout

Consumer confidence:

Hundreds of millions of people use Shopify Checkout every year. The look, feel and flow of checkout have become highly recognizable and therefore immediately trustworthy.

Shopify Checkout is not only easy to use, it's an experience to enjoy. With its discount and gift card options, delivery options, local pickup, tax calculation, and post-purchase offers, consumers have everything they need. All this is possible thanks to many sophisticated features working together in perfect harmony, adapting to the needs of each business. Consumers love and trust Shopify, which explains why its conversion rate surpasses the competition by 36%.

Innovation speed:

Shopify is able to easily manage its scale to improve the checkout process, including innovations in button display and field order.

Shopify focuses on constantly improving the checkout process to ensure a high conversion rate and performance. For Shopify, innovating in this aspect is vital, allowing its customers not to worry about how to do it since it makes different tools available.

The platform provides the essential components of the payment process and allows customization to meet the needs of each brand. With this solution, it's easy to mix and match different options to reduce costs, speed time to market, and quickly adapt to changing market demands.

Additionally, the Checkout Extensibility solution, which is compatible with Shop Pay, allows you to create a fully customizable one-click checkout process. Thanks to this, brands will be able to customize the appearance of Shop Pay and add functionality through custom applications. So that with your brand you can innovate and satisfy the needs of your customers!

Simply put, frictionless shopping experience, speed and digital wallets are the future of commerce and Shopify is the leader in this industry thanks to its extensive identity network, unparalleled scalability, high consumer trust and speed of innovation . Therefore, at Webmefy, as Shopify plus partners , we specialize in helping businesses boost their sales and grow sustainably, using all the technological solutions offered by the Shopify platform.

Don't be left behind in the world of digital commerce. Join the Shopify shopping platform and increase your conversions like never before!