Tendencias 2022 en estrategias de contenidos de tu eCommerce

2022 trends in content strategies for your eCommerce

Many people wonder if content marketing is effective and if we should invest time and money in it. The answer, now more than ever, is yes. With all the changes that are occurring in large platforms such as Apple or Google with the elimination of third-party cookies, organically driven traffic is being more important than ever.

Now, we must keep in mind that search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving and that is why we must stop writing to fill the texts with keywords and start writing to provide value to people, giving a context to our content and making our information useful and reliable to users. In this way, if we work well on this content we can ensure that our SEO traffic becomes the main source of our business. This is not an easy task since it is increasingly difficult to be original and stand out from the rest. In order to create interesting content for your users, you need to know, above all, what your consumers are looking for today.

- Visual content is king par excellence.

Videos are, and increasingly, the most in-demand content, followed by memes and photographs. Videos are the most searched and viewed content, in fact Google has begun to include video results in some countries, since they are some of the most successful.

- Sustainability and ethics are essential requirements.

People's awareness of the environment is increasing and that is why they look for brands according to their thoughts, so if your brand is sustainable you must reflect it in the content you generate. It doesn't matter how you do it by writing a text, creating a video, through an infographic... The important thing is that your customers know that your company is sustainable and responsible.


- Content and courses that provide knowledge.

Consumers value very positively having access to educational content, which provides knowledge about a product or a subject, especially this content is important when it is taught by professionals or people who are relevant to certain topics. So don't miss the opportunity to add value with relevant content in this way.

- Voice searches.

Voice searches have become increasingly important, so if you don't want to be left behind, go ahead with voice content. Alexa or Siri are increasingly used and in order to offer good results your brand must stand out with attractive audio content for customers, whether podcasts, audios, videos...

- Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augmented Reality (AR) are the future.

AI is going to be a technology that, without a doubt, is going to help plan the most optimal content that we must release and produce for our users, since it will help us know which content is most original or which is most in demand. in every moment.

On the other hand, augmented reality can help our consumers better understand our products or create and display content that provides more information.

Tips to make your content marketing strategy work this new year.

1 Create very visual content to show data.

As we have mentioned, the visual part is becoming more and more relevant, which is why it is important that when displaying your data or any content, you think about the visual impact they will generate. Showing an Excel data is not the same as creating a completely new template that shows in a very visual way the evolution you have had.

2 Generate interactive content.

Now more than ever, content is no longer going to be unidirectional, but rather seeks to generate conversations between brands and their customers. We need to have customer feedback to know what interests them, what they are looking for... and in this way we can personalize the content.

One way to stay in touch with our customers is through chatbots, through them we can guide our users to consume the content we want. Another way to stay in touch can be through forms or questionnaires, so you can collect the tastes and concerns of your audience and better focus on the topics that interest them most.

3 Create an engaged community.

Spend time creating content that truly interests your consumers. If you get them interested in your brand, you can create an engaged community. Remember that it is more profitable to retain your clients than to look for new clients, which is why we suggest that you put your efforts into creating interactive content in which your clients can participate and in this way create a community.

4 Content through influencers.

If you have decided to create content through an influencer, first, carefully select the chosen person and, second, establish a calendar in which you plan the publications exposing unique content. Take advantage not only of the community of the influencer you have selected but also of the characteristics that are associated with this person, so that they perfectly identify with the ones you want to show in your brand.


5 Optimize SEO.

Search engines automatically record the content they find, so that the more unique, innovative and creative it is, the faster it will appear in the first search positions. SEO optimization of the content created is essential, since it has been proven that users will not go beyond the first page of results. Having good SEO optimization in your content will help its positioning, so you should focus efforts on ensuring that it has enough keywords, that it has all the necessary titles, etc.

6 Personalization of content.

This will make the user experience unique, providing trust and generating a bond with customers, which will be transformed into an increase in sales. Offering each client personally what they need is the key to success with content marketing.

7 Create your own podcast.

The demand for podcasts has increased significantly in recent years and although there are more and more, they are a very good way to get information to listeners in an entertaining way on different topics and to create engagement with them.

Take advantage of the arrival of the new year to plan and define the content calendar that you are going to share with your users, dedicate time and effort to it and you will begin to notice the results.

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