7 ventajas de la integración Shopify Twitter para incrementar tus ventas

7 advantages of the Shopify Twitter integration to increase your sales

Do you know the potential of Twitter for eCommerce? The Shopify Twitter integration opens up the possibility of selling your products on the blue bird network and accessing millions of potential buyers.

The way this integration works is very simple: users can click on the image of any product and it will take them directly to the product page in Shopify , where they can complete the purchase.

With more than 330 million active users on Twitter in 2022 , the microblogging platform is one of the ideal platforms for doing social commerce due to its proximity, closeness and ease of creating viral content to get more potential customers naturally.

In this post we will show you how the Shopify Twitter integration works and what advantages including this social network in your social commerce strategy would have for your online store.

Shopify Twitter Integration

The Shopify Twitter integration is available in the Shopify App Store and can be installed in your online store admin. Sellers can thus connect their official Twitter account with Shopify to facilitate the purchase of their products through Twitter.

Its name is Twitter Shopping and it allows companies to display products in a profile section, where they can obtain information about their products or even buy them from the application itself. By appearing in a specific section, the products do not harm the user experience, nor the viewing of the brand's profile or tweets.

To access the products, users will have to click on the “View shop” button that appears at the top of the verified accounts feed. Images of the products, information and details of these and a buy button will be available with which users can purchase the product from the same application.

In addition, there is the possibility of activating a “carousel” so that users can directly see some products when entering the brand profile.

This new functionality allows Twitter to bring segmented products to customers based on their conversations, making it a social network with broad potential for social commerce .

Advantages of Shopify Twitter shopping to sell more on Shopify

This native Shopify Twitter integration provides many advantages for potential social shopping, which will allow users who follow different brands to be informed about their products, promotions and offers.

1. Simplicity and virality

Twitter is a very simple platform that allows you to create content in just 280 characters and is very easy to connect with users. By understanding the Twitter algorithm well, you can create viral content that allows you to attract numerous potential customers to your brand.

2. Generate engagement

Users who follow their favorite brands on Twitter can retweet or favorite their favorite tweets. In addition, valuable conversations can be generated and a strategy designed to attract potential customers to the brand.

Brands can exploit the simplicity and closeness of Twitter to promote their brand values ​​and generate a community in which users can connect and feel cared for.

3. Increase in sales

The fact that users can view ecommerce products on Twitter has many advantages. Users can view products and find valuable information about offers and promotions to complete the purchase, without necessarily having to access the online store.

This greatly facilitates the process for users, improving their experience and increasing the conversion rate.

4. Facilitate customer interaction

One of the main aspects that Twitter stands out for is that it facilitates conversations. Users can ask you any questions or concerns through a simple tweet, and you can respond quickly to satisfy any need before making their purchase.

This transparency that Twitter provides is a great tool to stand out from your competitors. When potential customers build a satisfying relationship with your brand on social media, the likelihood of customer loyalty increases.

5. Reach and segment audiences with Twitter Ads

Twitter allows you to reach all types of audiences and segment audiences through the Twitter Ads advertising tool. You can create promotional content to attract the public to your account and get more and more followers and more potential clients on your social network.

Additionally, even if you don't use the advertising channel , Twitter will suggest your tweets to users who are interested in the topics you are talking about. This will also allow you to grow organically and boost your results on social networks.

Boost your sales through social commerce

In Spain, according to the2021 Social Network Study , 85% of Internet users between 16 and 70 years old use social networks, which is why they offer great advantages to meet your ideal customer profile , optimize your sales strategies and attract traffic to your brand.

Social media is a great tool to generate community, build audiences and seek virality through strategies aimed at improving engagement . But they can also be an ideal instrument for selling products online, as long as we have a strategy to reach our potential customers.

The shopping function on social networks is present on Facebook, Instagram and also on Twitter. Many users prefer to buy their products directly from the profiles of their favorite brands. That is why the Shopify Twitter integration with Twitter Shopping is great news for ecommerce stores to increase their sales through the microblogging network.

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