¿Cómo crear un código de descuento en Shopify?

How to create a discount code on Shopify?

A very interesting way to attract customers to our online store is to create discount codes that you can distribute in different ways. Shopify is aware of this and that is why it provides us with the necessary tools to do it. With this e-commerce platform we have it very easy and it will only take a few minutes to have them ready. We can choose between many variables to adjust it as much as possible to the capacity of our business. A discount coupon is what can make a customer opt for our Shopify online store , that's why at Webmefy we want you to learn how to make them and know all the options to avoid last minute scares.

Choose a name for the coupon

To start, you simply have to enter the control panel of your online store in Shopify and access the 'Discounts' menu, which you will find in the side panel on the left. At the top you must choose a name for the code. Make sure it is attractive and offers as much information as possible, such as the duration, the discount percentage or the reason why it was published. For example: “15SUMMER”. This code would apply a 15% discount due to the next change of season. You can test and implement the ones that work best in your business.

Select coupon type

The next variable that you will have to consider will be the type of discount that you want to apply when entering your coupon. You will have to choose between a percentage that will be applied to the total value of the product; a fixed amount to be deducted from the total; the elimination of shipping costs; or a variable by which by selecting product X, the customer can obtain another one for free or with a discount. This part of the process is of crucial importance, since a mistake could cause us tremendously serious financial problems.

  • Percentage : to calculate this figure you have to take into account what your usual profit margin is and from there, adjust it as much as possible so that the discount is attractive to the potential client. Additionally, you can choose whether this discount will be applied to the entire order, to specific collections or to a specific product.
  • Fixed amount : we will choose this option when what we want is to apply a fixed discount to all coupons. It is very important to take into account the box at the end of this box, “Apply discount only once per order”. If we do not mark it, the discount will be applied to all products in the same order, which may cause us losses.
  • Free shipping : here we can select the countries to which we will send our products for free. If we have a good national shipping rate, but international shipping is very expensive, we will choose only our country to discount shipping costs. Additionally, we also have the option to exclude shipping fees above a certain amount to be determined. This way, we will be sure not to have any unpleasant surprises with any order.
  • Buy X, get Y : this option can be based on the acquisition of a minimum number of items or, in turn, on a minimum order amount. We will have to select the parameters of what the customer buys and then choose the conditions of what they will get. In this second part we will note the number of items or specific collections that adhere to the coupon. These may be free or, on the other hand, may have a discount percentage that we must also adjust. Also here you will have to take into account a box, “Establish a maximum number of uses per order”, to avoid scares.

Which customers will qualify for our discount coupon?

If our discount is only for a specific type of customer, this option is very useful. It's Women's Day and that's why we want only female customers to get a discount? Well, we will have to choose this specific group of clients. In this sense, our customer database is especially relevant , which should be as complete as possible to maximize this option. That the option we want is to apply this discount to a specific customer? Then from here we can choose the client or clients who will benefit from the offer.

Use limits

As we mentioned above. If we do not want to avoid scares, it is very important to set limits on our coupon . That is why we must select if we want it to be for single use per client or if, on the contrary, it can be used several times. If we choose the latter, it is crucial to select the maximum number of uses that can be given to it.

Does the coupon expire? When does it expire?

This option is the most common, since the coupons usually have a certain duration. We can select what date and time it becomes valid and also when it expires. On the contrary, if we do not want it to expire, we will leave the “Set an end date” box unchecked.

Once we have adjusted all the parameters we will simply have to click on “Save discount code” and start distributing our coupon through all the usual communication channels.

New Shopify update

Shopify now allows you to combine discount coupons so that your customers can combine them in such a way that they can make the most of that incentive you offer them to complete their purchase, a great way to appear attractive and make your customers choose you frequently.

If you don't have a Shopify online store yet, you can get the free Shopify trial here. If you also have any questions and want to write us an email, you can send it to info@webmefy.com

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