Cómo vender en Facebook con Shopify

How to sell on Facebook with Shopify

If you already know the Shopify e-commerce platform , you will know perfectly well that the Canadian company offers different plans for the different profiles of sellers that currently exist in the market. Today we want to focus on the tool that allows you to sell on Facebook with Shopify , focused on those sellers who do not achieve sufficient business volume to create and maintain an entire online store. You can get the Shopify Lite plan for only $9 per month and, if you also associate the Shopify Payments payment tool, you will not have to pay commissions for each sale. Below we tell you everything you need to know about this interesting tool.

What requirements exist to create an online store on Facebook with Shopify?

  • To start selling, your store must work in a currency accepted by Facebook. Don't worry, because the company works with many different currencies and yours is most likely accepted.
  • You also need a Facebook page associated with your business. Additionally, this one needs to use the Facebook Shopping template .
  • Your Facebook account must have an administrator role on your online store page to be able to work with it.
  • The website must be published, not hidden.

How to set up my online store on Facebook with Shopify?

At the end of this process, Facebook will create a 'Shop' section on your business page where all your Shopify products will appear. To do this, in the Shopify control panel you must add your Facebook page and wait for Facebook to review your store. Don't despair if this process takes longer than expected. Normally it takes around 48 hours, but if not, our recommendation is that you be patient. In the side panel, access 'Sales Channels' and select 'Facebook Shop'. Enter your data and all you have to do is wait for it to be validated.

How to post products on Facebook using Facebook Shop?

The time has come to start uploading products to sell on Facebook with Shopify, once you have validation from the social network. To do this, take a look first at the agreement for merchants of Facebook commercial products . Once you've done that, click on the Shopify Publishing section of your Facebook Page and you'll be taken to the menu to add products:

  1. If you already have products in your Shopify store, click 'Turn on product availability' to access your store's products page in Shopify.
  2. Click on the name of the product you want to appear in your Facebook store.
  3. In the 'Product Availability' section, click 'Manage'.
  4. In the 'Manage sales channel availability' dialog box, you must check 'Facebook Store' and then click 'Done'.
  5. Keep.

You can also choose which Shopify collections you want to display on Facebook or create one specifically for this channel. All of this is managed from the 'Publishing' tab in your Facebook store. Here you will also be able to see which products are already published, which products or collections remain hidden and you will also be able to edit the details of certain items.

How are orders processed through Facebook?

Finally, it is advisable to deal with the management of orders, which are subject to the policies published by you on your Shopify page, since you will use the service of this platform for payment. These orders appear in the 'Orders' tab of the Shopify admin, approximately one hour after they are placed. Likewise, you can filter the orders so that only the latter appear if you wish. From this point on, orders are managed like the rest of the orders in your online store.

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