Códigos de descuento de Shopify: ¿cómo distribuirlos?

Shopify discount codes: how to distribute them?

At Webmefy we like to keep you up to date with all the options offered by e-commerce platforms and that is why on this occasion we want to focus on Shopify discount codes . Recently we told you all the steps you have to follow to create them with Shopify and today we are going to tell you which are the best channels to distribute them and make them as attractive as possible for our clients. Don't miss a single detail of everything we tell you below if you want

Social networks are your main ally

As always, one of the main communication channels with your clients is social networks . There are many users who, before making a purchase, search on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Your job as a seller is to be there when a user performs that search. A good way to achieve this is to use popular hashtags such as #promo, #discountbonus, #offer... You have to generate attractive content for the customer that encourages the purchase of your products.

The newsletter: that great companion

A person who is subscribed to the newsletter is a VIP customer for us. You have to feel that the content you receive is exclusive and personalized, otherwise the risk of falling into the SPAM folder increases considerably. For this reason, we suggest that the newsletter discounts cannot be found on other channels. With the help of a tool like Klaviyo you can generate almost personalized newsletters based on the use that each client makes of your platform. Also report this through social networks: “Do you want exclusive discounts? Subscribe to our newsletter!”

Don't leave aside the analog or offline world

We often get hung up on distributing all our offers over the internet and forget that the tangible world also has its potential if we know how to handle it . It is important to know the behavior of our clients and know which places they go to most frequently to send them our pamphlets or the format we decide. Is our online store dedicated to sports nutrition? Well, we'll have to go to the gyms. What do we do in the sale of oil for combustion vehicles? Well, let's go to the workshops.

Although this way of distributing Shopify discount codes is more laborious, it is proven to bring significant benefits, since the paper or card is more perennial than a tweet or email. If we have a physical store, it is evident that the customer must find brochures or pamphlets informing about our promotions.

Other modes of distribution

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, there are many other advertising campaigns of a more specific nature such as radio, television, press advertisements, etc. All of them require a specific investment in greater packaging and must be analyzed in depth, since not all sellers can access them. Obviously, well focused, they are usually tremendously profitable.

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