Como medir tus campañas de marketing online con Shopify

How to measure your online marketing campaigns with Shopify

Recently at Webmefy we have talked to you about the importance of omnichannel marketing and this time we want to focus on another aspect that must be fundamental for the trajectory of your online commerce. It's about the impact your marketing campaigns have . Shopify is aware that this is a basic pillar and that is why it provides you with direct access from the control panel to measure online marketing campaigns, which we have also recently told you about on the Webmefy blog. Keep reading, because we are going to teach you how to measure these marketing campaigns to draw conclusions for future actions.

As you well know, the amount of traffic in your online store is important, but equally or more important is the quality of that traffic , since visitors who do not make purchases of our products would be of no use to us. Knowing the habits of these users is essential to advance development, which is why you have at your disposal a series of reports on your online store sessions and cart conversion rates that can offer you high-level data on marketing campaigns. that you created in Shopify. To view them, you will simply have to access them by clicking on the 'Marketing' tab in your control panel. Please note that traffic data may take up to 24 hours to update.

What might we be interested in finding in these reports to measure online marketing campaigns?

  • See those referred to your store in an acquisition report.
  • Track standard actions on an online store page using a Google conversion tag or Facebook pixel.
  • Evaluate marketing campaigns.
  • View conversion reports for marketing activities created in Shopify and using integrated marketing apps.

What can we find in these reports?

  • Efficiency data : You will find a summary of marketing results for the last 30 days with metrics such as online store sessions (period of continuous activity of a visitor), marketing sales (sales that can be attributed to traffic that comes from marketing campaigns), marketing orders (orders attributable to marketing campaigns) and marketing advertising spend.
  • Traffic information : in the 'Online store sessions' section you will see the online store traffic over time, the percentage of sessions that ended in an order, the main sources of traffic, the main sources of sales ( the sources that originated sessions that ended in sales) and the main geographic areas of traffic.
  • Report on the main traffic sources : you will be able to see the traffic sources (the website or server from which your website is reached), the conversion rate, the number of orders for each session, the value of these orders and the amount of sessions that resulted from each traffic source.
  • Report on top geographic traffic zones : the location of each session, the conversion rate, the number of orders, the value of the orders, and the number of sessions that resulted from each online source.
  • Online store conversion report : Here you will be able to see the conversion stage (stage in the conversion funnel that each visitor reached) and the sessions in your online store that reached each stage.

How to understand marketing activity reports for campaigns created by Shopify?

The idea is that we use these reports to understand the effectiveness of our marketing activities. Only the customer's last click counts, so if a user, before placing an order, clicks on the Facebook ad, this sale will be attributed to the Facebook campaign.

However, discrepancies may appear in the data between these reports and those you have from external entities. This is due to the way interactions and sales are attributed, as well as possible delays in interaction.

Additionally, there may also be some discrepancy in advertising spending between Shopify and third-party campaigns. Again, this is due to the delay in synchronization, however, this will not cause you to spend more than budgeted.
If you have not yet tried Shopify, we invite you to do so for free for 14 days and if after reading this text you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us an email at . We will be happy to assist you.