Adapta tu estrategia de marketing a la crisis del COVID-19

Adapt your marketing strategy to the COVID-19 crisis

At Webmefy we always try to offer you the best marketing solutions for your online store and we are also doing so in these times that we are living in, which are so bad in economic terms for all businesses. In many cases sales have decreased significantly and in other cases they have completely disappeared, which has placed many businesses in an absolutely agonizing situation. That is why it is time to continue working to keep the ship afloat and in this context monopolized by the coronavirus, the marketing strategy takes on special relevance . We analyze what you can do in terms of marketing to give a new boost to your business in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

Marketing as a customer service

Certain businesses cannot continue with their normal activity for obvious reasons, which is why it is time to offer another type of customer service, a more humane and close treatment as a marketing strategy during the coronavirus. Focus on what your customer's needs are currently and offer help and solutions . Although this measure does not have an economic impact in the short term, it will have a good brand strengthening effect that will pay off in the long term. Many companies are continually updating their social media profiles with information of interest to their followers and are receiving considerable feedback.

Make the client empathize with your situation

The need for liquidity is leading many businesses to a situation of extreme crisis that leaves them with few options for survival. It is necessary for the client to be aware of this situation so that they empathize with you. Let them know and ask for their help. A great option is to sell bonds to redeem them later . This will allow money to enter the cash register to pay the invoices and will allow the client to feel that they are doing a good deed. Because the coronavirus is bringing out the best version of people and we are seeing acts of solidarity that have made us partly reconcile with human beings.

Invest in SEO strategy

Confinement has caused internet use to skyrocket in homes. A user who spends so much time surfing the web becomes a potential customer for our business, which is why we must continue working to move up in Google searches, which will significantly increase our visibility. Search engines continue to bring enormous benefits to companies , since they allow consumers to remain in contact with our brand even when they do not browse our website directly.

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It's time to do a marketing audit

The state of forced hibernation in which many companies find themselves has become the best scenario to audit our marketing strategy and thus analyze what can be improved after the coronavirus . A meeting with all departments involved will help draw conclusions to observe strengths and weaknesses.

Strengthen customer service

This has always been essential, but in this situation it has become a basic tool to reassure customers. Use all the means at your disposal: telephone, email, social networks and even postal mail. Report your news and answer any questions customers may have.

Discounts and promotions

Do you still not have free shipping costs on your online store? It is time to stimulate sales and that is why eliminating shipping costs is something basic. We know that not all marketers have rates that allow it, but you can establish a minimum order to eliminate shipping costs. Logistics companies are adjusting their prices a lot and that is something we have to take advantage of. Nor can we turn our backs on discounts and promotions. Although a priori it may not seem like a good time to reduce the profit margin, it is something that can benefit us in the medium and long term by helping to strengthen customer loyalty with our brand.

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