Programa Facebook Marketing Partners: Qué es y Cómo Funciona

Facebook Marketing Partners Program: What it is and How It Works

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's social network, continues to advance in its plan to take companies' marketing strategy to a new level . Facebook Marketing Partners is a support platform for companies to find collaborators to help them improve and strengthen their digital marketing strategy, because it is not only important to be good in the sector to which a company is dedicated, but you also have to know project an adequate image to continue increasing the level of sales. Keep reading because at Webmefy we tell you everything that has to do with this new tool.

What is Facebook Marketing Partners?

This tool is made up of Facebook partners specialized in marketing strategies and seeks to generate strategic alliances between the different associated companies. Many online stores need some guidance and clarity to carry out these marketing campaigns, which is why this tool is especially relevant. The social network defines nine categories that show everything that Facebook Marketing Partners is capable of doing for companies that want to participate:

  • Content marketing: focused on creating and distributing content of sufficient quality to reach an appropriate audience.
  • Find audiences: through different algorithms, the tool is capable of identifying potential clients within the users of the social network.
  • Community management: is responsible for the maintenance and management of different pages and social profiles.
  • Mobile ad measurement: monitoring and analyzing the impact of the different campaigns created for mobile devices.
  • Solutions for small businesses: makes the highest level tools available to small businesses aimed at tasks such as CRM, e-mail marketing or marketing automation.
  • Retargeting: is responsible for reaching Facebook users who have performed certain actions, such as visiting a website or performing a search.
  • Ad technology: Get the most out of ad campaign scaling and optimization.
  • Audience data: is responsible for finding new customers based on data from other companies.
  • Media Buying: This option is currently only available in the United States and offers expert help for Facebook ad operations.

How to find a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Finding a collaborator is very simple. It is only necessary to access the application and indicate the specialty of the company, the industry in which it operates and the country in which it operates. Facebook will offer us a list of candidates and we will only have to contact them directly or through Facebook.

Basic requirements

To participate in this tool, Facebook establishes exhaustive criteria, since it aims to continually offer a quality service. It is necessary to have a reference from Facebook, a client or a company that is already participating in the program. Obviously, this is not available to everyone, ensuring a professional level of service. In the specific case of 'Audience Data' and 'Mobile Ad Measurement', it is only possible to participate by direct invitation. Furthermore, in order to participate, it is essential to demonstrate excellence in at least one specialty described in at least one relevant country. Facebook establishes a series of criteria for each company to analyze whether it is really prepared to participate in the program:

  • Do you stand out in your specialty in a relevant country?
  • Do you have a truly transparent business model?
  • Can you contribute something new to the program?
  • Do you agree with Facebook's regulations and vision?
  • Do you have good relationships with your clients and with Facebook?
  • Can you present a detailed record of successful clients?
  • Do you have the necessary resources to keep up with the advancement of technologies and changes in regulations?

If you answered yes to many of the questions raised, perhaps this tool is indicated for you.


Although the benefits of Facebook Marketing Partners are many and varied, it must be clear that it is not focused on all types of companies, since it requires a large initial investment . The benefits are important and that is why it is necessary to have large capital. For smaller companies, it is advisable to start with marketing campaigns that do not involve a large investment based on organic positioning. With gradual and progressive growth it is possible to access a level that allows you to become part of a program like this.

If you have any questions, at Webmefy we will be happy to help you. Send us an email to and we will try to resolve all your questions.