Shoploop, la app de Google para vender y competir con TikTok

Shoploop, Google's app to sell and compete with TikTok

At Webmefy we are still committed to keeping you up to date with all the news related to e-Commerce and that is why on this occasion we want to talk to you about the latest tool designed by Google to encourage electronic commerce taking advantage of the pull of the social network TikTok, which we have already talked to you about here recently . Because it is clear that this social network of Chinese origin has taken the entire world by storm and has brought a way of interacting with followers that can end up being very profitable for brands if they know how to understand it and take advantage of all its virtues. Google is one of the first to get to work and has already launched Shoploop, a tool that was created to compete with TikTok.

What is Shoploop?

Although the Shoploop tool does not work the same as TikTok, it has known how to take the best of it to readapt it and turn it into a profitable initiative . This application was created to sell beauty products by promoting them with short videos that last a maximum of 90 seconds . It is a social network and an e-Commerce at the same time that makes things much easier, since it is not necessary to switch between different applications to see reviews, photos or to buy the item.

What type of products can we find on Shoploop?

At the moment Shoploop only serves to sell beauty products , but it seems logical to think that it will expand the spectrum over time and depending on its success and reach.

How does Shoploop work?

Lax Poojary, general manager of the platform, explains the nature of the application: “A video platform to discover, review and buy products, all in one place. The experience is more interactive than simply scrolling through images, titles and descriptions on a traditional e-commerce site.” If you see a product you are interested in, you can either save it for later or buy it directly from the link included in the video. You can also follow your favorite sellers and share the content with your friends and family. Currently the application is only available for operation on mobile devices, although it is expected that the spectrum will be progressively expanded in the future.

How can you download Shoploop?

At the moment the application is only available in the United States , but it is expected to soon be extended to other countries.

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