Shopify y Packlink Pro: los mejores envíos en tu ecommerce

Shopify and Packlink Pro: the best shipping in your ecommerce

At Webmefy we continue to inform you of all the news from Shopify and on this occasion we want to echo the agreement reached in Spain between the Canadian e-Commerce platform and the logistics company Packlink Pro to ensure the delivery of their products . Because it is increasingly important that deliveries are made quickly and safely, with the lowest possible cost for the customer. This, without a doubt, considerably improves the brand image of each online store, which ultimately results in an increase in sales and profits. We tell you all the news below so that you know all the advantages of this promising agreement.

A promising agreement

This agreement is based on the integration of the Packlink application into Shopify's own environment. A very simple way to go one step further in your online store so that no one is left without their order in the indicated time and manner. It takes less than five minutes to have the application ready and will allow you to access more than 300 Packlink shipping services for Spain and abroad, with the support of the main shipping and logistics companies, such as Correos, Seur, GLS , etc. .

The Packlink Pro application for Shopify is completely free and seeks to facilitate the entire shipping process, with a simple and intuitive journey. Its main advantages are:

Import and unification of orders

Orders placed in your Shopify online store are automatically transferred to the Packlink Pro application, in real time, allowing you to work while minimizing time and errors. In addition, all orders appear centralized on a single platform , thereby increasing control and significantly improving customer service, since you work better with everything unified in the same space.

Multiple carrier options

Packlink Pro for Shopify offers different logistics options with the best courier and parcel companies on the market. These options include all types of shipments: standard, urgent, door-to-door, collection points, national and international logistics, etc.

Really competitive prices

The rates are perfectly adjusted and very competitive. Furthermore, it is not limited to the commitment by volume of shipments.

Real-time shipment tracking

You will be able to control at all times the status of your shipments, as well as your customers, which will help improve the effective delivery ratio. This functionality is increasingly in demand and significantly increases consumer confidence in the online store. This leads to greater customer loyalty, with subsequent repeat orders.

Simple and fast integration

To integrate the Packlink Pro application in Shopify you only need to follow these four simple steps and in just a few minutes everything will be ready. From the first minute you can start working to take your online store to a new level.

If you found this text about the integration of Packlink Pro in Shopify interesting, at Webmefy we invite you to try the online commerce platform with a free 14-day license to familiarize yourself with the environment.