Cómo potenciar las ventas omnicanal con Shopify POS

How to boost omnichannel sales with Shopify POS

Omnichannel is one of the challenges of many eCommerce. Many traditional companies with physical establishments have developed their own Internet store to sell online. This involves adapting processes to integrate sales management into a single tool, for example through solutions such as Shopify POS.

Consumers have also changed their purchasing habits and different trends have developed. For example, customers who buy in store, but want to receive the product at home. Or buyers who place their order online, but want to make changes or manage returns in the physical store.

Phenomena such as “showrooming” (looking in store, buying online) and “webrooming” (looking online, buying in a physical store) are a reality that require comprehensive administration and offering maximum facilities in payment methods, management of returns and sales tracking from any channel.

Shopify's point of sale system is the solution to address the complexity in managing online and offline sales that many traditional businesses now encounter. In this post we will show you the advantages of Shopify POS to improve your productivity and boost your omnichannel sales.

What is Shopify POS

It is Shopify 's POS system to sell your products in an online store and a physical store. With this tool you can make sales of your products from anywhere, you only need an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. You will have full access to the catalog and will be able to manage retail sales in the simplest way.

It is a powerful administration tool for your company, with which you can offer a better purchasing experience to your customers, so that your system adapts to their needs.

This advanced POS solution with extensive functionalities also connects with different hardware accessories and Shopify card readers, facilitating all types of payment methods to offer more conveniences to your customers.

Currently you have two modalities : Shopify POS Lite, where you pay a commission for payment by credit card from 1.4%, and Shopify POS Pro, for a cost of 89 USD per month per physical store and with all the functionalities of ShopifyPOS.

Advantages of Shopify POS to increase omnichannel sales

The Shopify POS solution in the cloud allows you to address the omnichannel sales of your business, providing you with maximum benefits.

1. Unify physical stores and online stores

A single tool to integrate all your stores: orders, catalog, prices... Shopify POS allows you to work with a solution where all the data is integrated, allowing you to optimize the productivity of your team and avoid errors that end up harming your employees. customers.

When your stores are not unified into a single POS system , there is a greater risk that a customer may purchase an out-of-stock, or discontinued, product. Or that your prices have changed, but you have not updated them on all your sales platforms. The result? Erroneous sales due to administrative errors, which will probably end in a return and an unsatisfied customer.

Each dissatisfied customer is one less opportunity to gain buyer loyalty, so unifying the management of your physical and online stores is decisive to increase sales and achieve recurring customers.

2. Improve the customer shopping experience

Shopify POS and Shopify POS Pro increase fluidity in the relationships between your company and the customer. Among other advantages, you will be able to offer answers to the needs of users, whether they buy online or in a physical store.

    • Add QR Codes to your products: customers can scan them with their mobile phone and complete the online purchase directly, thus facilitating showrooming.
    • Manage orders for in-store pickup: many of your customers prefer to buy online, but go to your physical store to pick up the order and save shipping costs. This option is available with Shopify POS Pro.
    • Sell ​​in store and ship to home: allow your customers to make purchases in store and send the products directly to the customer's home. (Only available in Pro version)
  • Facilitate in-store returns for online purchases: Shopify POS helps you delve into the synergies between a physical store and an online store. Manage returns in physical stores of products that were purchased online or in other stores. This integration, available in Shopify POS Pro, makes serving your customers much easier.

3. Manage multichannel inventory

Omnichannel forces many sales to be delayed or canceled when inventories are not integrated with the different points of sale. With Shopify POS you can create and assign inventories to various online sales channels, as well as physical stores or any other point of sale where you manage stock.

In this way, you will be able to have exhaustive control of the available stock so that the products are sent from the most optimal origin to the delivery point.

4. Make it easy for your clients to pay

With Shopify POS you can have the Shopify hardware to implement the payment counter you need in your physical stores.

Shopify card readers allow you to speed up transactions in your establishments or make sales at street level at any event or point of sale, giving you maximum flexibility to adapt to mobility, one of the trends that is are seeing in many e-commerce sectors.

5. Sync your products with Google Merchant Center

Omnichannel sales are also reflected in the wide variety of points of sale on the Internet. The rise of marketplaces and large sales platforms has made many retailers want to synchronize their products to facilitate sales on multiple channels.

Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) displays your online and offline product inventory so users can find you more easily. Gain visibility and improve your positioning with an always updated inventory, which also allows you to obtain valuable information to optimize your sales strategy.

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