Las mejores 5 plantillas gratuitas para tu tienda Shopify

The best 5 free templates for your Shopify store

When choosing a platform to create your Ecommerce or online business, a quick, effective and simple option is to do it on Shopify. If you want a comparison of Shopify with other similar tools, you can see it in this previous article .

The main problems or questions that may arise at the beginning when we want to build our online store are usually related to the design: adaptation to mobile devices (since more and more users perform their actions on web pages from this type of device), the implementation of payment gateways, the configuration of logistics providers and a long etc. that can make us rethink when is the ideal time to launch our online store.

That is why we want to help you discover the 5 best Shopify templates, which also have the advantage that they are perfectly optimized so that once you have created your Shopify account, with just a couple of clicks and without having prior technical training you can start sell by choosing any of these templates.

Our 5 favorite free Shopify themes are:

1. Simple

free simple shopify theme

View Simple template

This free template is one of the most used by users who want to start creating their Shopify store. It is a very clean and elegant theme that can be an excellent option for any type of Ecommerce, these are some of its notable configurations:

  • Incorporate an accordion menu in your sidebar to easily display products and collections.
  • It allows you to offer customers a clearer and more detailed view of the products when they hover over the image with the mouse thanks to its zoom mode .
  • Product page images can be animated with effects for further customization.
  • Include a product recommendation section that will help your customers discover products that are less consulted or that may cause greater interest.

2. Minimal

free shopify minimal theme

View Minimal template

If what we need is a template that helps us highlight our products or the work we are doing as well as maintain a clean and minimalist style, this theme is fantastic. Some of its features to highlight are:

  • Allows you to configure images in slideshow mode on your home page.
  • Includes the option to attach a YouTube or Vimeo video to the home page.
  • It incorporates product filtering into its configuration so that customers can quickly find the products that may interest them most, the best sellers, or filter by price.


free shopify brooklyn theme

View Brooklyn template

Clothing brands seek to differentiate themselves from the competition by showing a different style, values ​​and ideas, which is why in Shopify we can find this template that will help us increase brand awareness. Let's discover some of its main features:

  • Incorporate a slideshow style in the home page header to display multiple images.
  • Dynamic product grid that automatically changes to show different products.
  • Includes the sliding cart option this way users can add products to the cart without leaving the page.

4. Supply

free shopify supply theme

View Supply template 

This free theme is perfect for those Ecommerce that have a large number of references and items in inventory, this template allows you to filter and display a large number of products in a simple way. Its most important features are:

  • Allows you to configure a large number of items .
  • Incorporates the option to display multiple featured collections on the home page .
  • Includes the option to filter collection pages by brand, price, and many other customizable options via a filtering sidebar .


free boundless shopify theme

View Boundless template 

Sometimes many online stores choose the option of becoming known for the quality of the content they create. This Shopify template is perfect for that. It is a theme with a minimalist style that stands out for focusing above all on photographs. Next we are going to discover its qualities:

  • It allows you to display images with high resolution and a high degree of optimization throughout the store.
  • It incorporates the "Sticky" option in its menu bar so that when we browse the website the menu bar is always fixed at the top.
  • Includes individual product gallery to present large, high-resolution product images.

Choosing a Shopify template for your online store is a process that can take time, since depending on the type of Ecommerce that we are going to build, the products that we are going to sell or the content that we are going to create, there will be templates that best adapt to our needs. Once we are clear about these types of issues, we will be ready to choose which template to use and start selling.

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