Klaviyo email marketing: Nuevas funcionalidades de la Herramienta

Klaviyo email marketing: New features of the Tool

Without a doubt, one of the best email marketing automation tools for your eCommerce is Klaviyo . This solution is constantly updated, adding new features that can help you get the maximum benefits from your email marketing strategy.

Among the great benefits of Klaviyo , it should be noted that it is not a simple tool to create “autoresponders” , but rather a solution that allows you to offer a personalized experience to users, making the appropriate messages reach a segmented audience in a way more precise than with conventional tools.

We have already talked to you on other occasions about the advantages of Klaviyo to recover abandoned shopping carts , and other automations based on the behavior of your customers. Let's now look at some of Klaviyo's new features for your email strategy.

Discover the new features of Klaviyo and its benefits for your eCommerce

Klaviyo has released some important improvements this summer of 2022 to enhance Klaviyo's functionalities.

1. Unique coupons in forms

Klaviyo registration forms will now be able to include a unique discount coupon for new users. These coupons only apply to users who have not subscribed before, allowing new subscribers to get a discount on their first purchase.

The great advantage of this new functionality is that the coupon will only appear to the new user. It is not a public coupon and will only be valid for that user, so said coupon cannot be published and used on online coupon and discount pages

2. Improved A/B Testing for Email Flows

An A/B test of emails allows an online store to know if its email marketing actions are having the expected results. You can test between two different versions of an email and see how a group of users respond or act on each version of the email.

This is an automated flow that could already be done with Klaviyo. The great advantage is that now you can automatically select which users have responded as expected, see different in-depth analyzes of the historical performance of your A/B tests, and select the end date.

3. Enter sample data to do previous analysis

One of the great advantages of Klaviyo for your business is data analysis: knowing user behavior is what allows you to make automations that translate into effective emails and SMS, which help increase your conversion rate.

Developers now have the ability to enter sample data (fictitious, or based on previous reports you've done outside of Klaviyo), so you can take advantage of the data analytics and automation potential that this tool offers you from the first days. Thanks to this tool you will be able to test Klaviyo APIs and create custom integrations with sample data.

4. Integration of Klaviyo SMS and Zendesk CRM

The Zendesk customer service solution can now integrate with Klaviyo SMS. From now on, text messages that arrive in your online store can be automatically converted into Zendesk tickets, so you can manage them more easily. This will save you time, reduce human errors and improve the productivity of your team. Make it easier to follow up on your clients' requests by responding to their queries in a more agile and comfortable way, thanks to this Klaviyo SMS and Zendesk CRM integration.

5. Klaviyo integration with Supermetrics

What is Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a tool that allows you to measure and analyze the results of your marketing strategy . To do this, use sources from different platforms on which your company is active. The new Klaviyo and Supermetrics integration will allow you to move Klaviyo data into your analytics platform, helping you improve data-driven decision making.

This integration, which can be easily implemented, will allow you to make the most of this tool with all the information that Klaviyo stores about the behavior of your customers in relation to your online store and your email marketing automation flows.

6. Klaviyo and Rebuy Integration

Another new feature of Klaviyo is the integration with Rebuy.

What is Rebuy

We are talking about an omnichannel personalization platform that helps improve the customer's purchasing experience based on data. The integration with Klaviyo allows you to use the data from your email flow automation platform to detect up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, based on the behavior of your customers. Offer personalized product recommendations , based on customer behavior data, to boost customers' average purchase ticket for each email or SMS you send in your marketing messages.

7. Klaviyo integration with Sezzle

What is Sezzle

Sezzle is a payment platform that allows customers of your online store to finance their purchases without interest. Thanks to the integration of Sezzle and Klaviyo , you will be able to see which of your email and SMS subscribers have or have not used Sezzle before. Having an advanced understanding of your audience will help you deliver more personalized and precise marketing messages.

Sezzle data will allow you to detect more sales opportunities based on user purchasing behavior. For example, if there are customers for whom price has a decisive impact on their purchasing decision, you can offer messages aimed at facilitating the financing of products. You can even add Sezzle templates to Klaviyo emails and SMS, so that the buyer who is a Sezzle user can see the possibilities of interest-free financing.

8. Use Klaviyo SMS to communicate with your clients in the UK and Australia

Finally, another of the new features that Klaviyo has launched is the Klaviyo SMS extension to communicate with your clients one-on-one in other countries, specifically the United Kingdom and Australia. Currently it could only be done in the United States and Canada.

One-to-one communication via SMS allows for a closer and more direct relationship with your customers, which can also be integrated with Zendesk to convert these text messages into support tickets.

At Webmefy we help your company enhance your data-based email marketing automation strategy to increase your conversions in your online store. Our experience and expertise in Klaviyo is supported by our current partnership, we are Klaviyo masters platinum Partner . If you want to start implementing Klaviyo or take advantage of its full potential, request our help now .