Potencia las conversiones con el Checkout extensibility de Shopify Plus

Boost conversions with Shopify Plus Checkout extensibility

Are you looking to increase conversions for your eCommerce business? You're lucky! Shopify Checkout Extensibility is an affordable and effective way to maximize user experience and encourage potential customers to make a purchase. This powerful tool allows eCommerce brands to customize the checkout page on their existing Shopify store with built-in features, giving them the ability to create highly personalized experiences that are tailored specifically to their customers. From Webmefy, as Shopify plus partners, we want to highlight in this blogpost how this functionality can help increase conversions for your Shopify online store.

Shopify Checkout has always been created to boost speed and optimize conversions. Not to mention that a recent study confirms that Shopify checkout converts 36% more compared to other eCommerce platforms. Therefore, it is a platform that is constantly innovating and now, it is possible to make the checkout more customizable than ever, with new payment UI extension capabilities and surface areas. Announced in the Shopify Winter '23 issue, these updates make it easier for Shopify Plus merchants to customize their checkout in a way that's app-based, update-safe, high-converting, and works seamlessly with Shop Pay. It should be noted that these customizations at checkout are exclusive for Shopify Plus customers and you can find and purchase these applications directly from the Shopify application store.

To better understand the updates, let's check which features of the payment UI were possible to customize before the update. Previously, options to customize the interface included: Informational use cases , such as custom banners, messages, warnings, or disclaimers. For example, adding a banner that says that a brand does not ship to PO boxes.

Entries , such as adding additional fields to collect buyer information or personalizing orders. For example, allowing buyers to add a gift message.

Product offers like upsells, free samples, and donations right at checkout.
Starting now, these capabilities are joined by four new Payment UI Extension APIs.


Now you can make it much more personalized!

checkout extensibility Shopify plus

Customize your brand experience

Checkout extensibility is a faster, better performing, safer, and more secure option for updating checkout.liquid for Checkout customizations.

Payment extensibility allows you to create payment customizations built into apps. These apps are quick to install and safe to update. To add to this, the extensibility of the payment process continually evolves to meet your needs through new or improved features, along with new applications.

By upgrading to paid extensibility, you can take advantage of several new features and capabilities, including the following:

Checkout UI extensions

Checkout UI extensions allow app developers to create custom functionality that merchants can install at defined points in the checkout flow, including product information, shipping, payment, order summary, and Shop. Pay.

Branding API

You can customize the branding of your checkout pages in the checkout editor. You can add your brand logo, add a background image, change colors and choose a new font so that the checkout page matches the look and feel of your business.

Your customers use the checkout page to enter shipping and payment information for their orders. Most companies keep the checkout layout simple to make it easy to read and to avoid distracting customers. Choose colors with high contrast and images that divert attention from the fields to be filled out during the payment process.

Post-purchase extensions

A post-purchase product offer is an upsell opportunity that is shown to customers immediately after completing checkout directly at the Shopify checkout.

How does it work?
The post-purchase page appears after the order is confirmed, but before the order status page. You can use a post-purchase extension to add custom content like the following:

- Upsell offers

Ask your customers to add more products to their initial order after they have completed payment.

- Survey Requests

Ask your customers to complete a survey after they have completed payment.

- Feedback requests

Ask your customers to fill out a feedback form after they have completed payment.

- Donation requests

You can ask your customers to send a donation after they have completed the checkout process.

- Discount Code Offers

Offer your customers additional discounts on products using a specific code.

- Loyalty program registrations

Ask your customers to join your rewards or points program.

Web pixel extensions

The Web Pixel Extension API gives you access to a select set of controlled APIs for accessing browser APIs and subscribing to client events, within one of our Lax or Strict sandboxes.

Discount Codes and Gift Cards API
The new Discount Codes and Gift Cards APIs support reading and writing discount codes and gift cards directly in the checkout process.

In practice, this means brands will be able to allow shoppers to redeem their gift cards or discount codes directly at checkout and receive confirmation that it was applied to the purchase.

Session Token API
Currently, Checkout UI extensions can make network calls if they request the necessary permissions. However, there has been no way to sign or verify the authenticity of those network requests. With the new Session Token API, Shopify provides a signed token that can be verified on an application server.

A popular application category that will benefit from the Session Token API is loyalty applications. Loyalty rewards programs cannot simply allow any user to access any shopper's balance details. Now, they can use the signed token from the Session Token API to verify the buyer's identity. The same is true for any other application that needs or wants security around its services.

As we mentioned before, you can customize the checkout by adding applications on the payment page. You can install publicly available paid apps or ask any in-house developer to create a custom app for you or hire a Shopify Expert .

How to install an application at the checkout of your online store?

By following these simple steps:

- From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

- In the Payment Customization section, click Customize next to the payment you want to edit.

- Select the payment page you want to add an app to from the top menu bar.

- Click Add app.

- In the Apps available section for this page, click on the app you want to add to your checkout. The application is automatically placed in the recommended area of ​​your checkout.

- Click Save.

Here are some app recommendations to take checkout personalization to the next level:

  • For custom banners, trust badges or warnings and custom fields
checkout blocks app Checkout Blocks, upsells, etc.
Checkout plus Checkout Plus
  • For product offers and buybacks
rebuy engine Rebuy customization engine Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 05/13/46

  • For loyalty and rewards programs
Loyalty lion Loyalty lion
Yotpo Yotpo
  • For personalized discounts
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 02/13/39 discount ninja
checkout bear checkout bear

Offering a personalized shopping experience should be the norm for eCommerce companies in this digital age. In today's world, where convenience and speed are so important, it is essential to ensure that your customers enjoy a fast and seamless purchasing process. Impress your customers not only with the items they purchase, but also with the ease with which they can purchase them. Incorporating personalization into the customer experience will make them feel valued and appreciated. In turn, this encourages loyalty and keeps buyers coming back for more. Plus, it increases conversions on your website, which will increase revenue and ensure the long-term success of your business. So, take it one step further to perfect customer satisfaction: provide them with a top-notch personalized payment experience! Do you want to take your brand's customer experience to the next level? At Webmefy, we are experts in creating unique shopping experiences in the online stores we create for each of our clients. Do you want to join the list? We contact you