¿Qué plan de Shopify elegir para mi negocio?

Which Shopify plan to choose for my business?

Brands often come to us for guidance on which Shopify plan is best for their business. Choosing the right Shopify plan depends on several factors, including your current business needs, company size, budget, and long-term goals. As a leading eCommerce platform, Shopify offers advanced features and a wide range of plans to fit any budget. Not sure which plan to choose? Don't worry, from Webmefy, as official Shopify Plus partners in Spain , we have created this blog post to give an overview of the main plans offered by the platform, so that based on this information you can discover which is the perfect plan to make. grow your business and you can make the best decision.

Shopify Lite

This plan is ideal for small businesses or individuals who want to add e-commerce capabilities to their existing website or sell on social media, however it does not offer the basic capabilities to build an online store.

The Shopify Lite plan is for businesses that want to add a buy button to their existing website, or those who sell in person and need a point of sale (POS) processor. For this reason, it is not the ideal solution for the average small business looking to build a professional online store.

The Shopify Lite plan offers a card reader for in-person purchases. These transactions have a commission of 2.7% while online sales are made through the Shopify payment gateway, which charges a commission of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

Basic Shopify

This plan is ideal for small businesses just starting to sell online. One of its key features is that this plan has all the essential features to create an online store, such as a shopping cart, SSL certificate, discounts, basic reports, etc.
The Shopify Basic plan offers more features than the Lite plan, making it a good option for small businesses looking to create a comprehensive online store with omnichannel selling capabilities, including drop shipping. The basic plan includes an online store, with a website and a blog. Users can list unlimited items, plus they can sell on online marketplaces and social media channels.

The Basic Shopify plan includes solutions for businesses interested in offering in-store transactions, such as card readers. With Basic, online purchases have a 2.9% transaction fee plus 30 cents, while in-person purchases have a 2.7% fee.

Shopify - standard

This plan is ideal for growing businesses with consistent online sales, it includes everything mentioned in the Basic plan, plus performance reports, up to five staff accounts and assistance with the purchase of gift cards. You can also take advantage of the abandoned cart recovery tool. This plan is what you'll need to start any international sales, as it allows you to use country-specific domains and currency conversions.

Standard Shopify fees are lower than the basic plan, at 2.6% plus 30 cents per transaction. The in-person card transaction fee is also 2.5%, with no additional surcharge.

Advanced Shopify

The Shopify Advanced plan is designed especially for growing businesses that have high sales volume both online and in-store and need more advanced features. With unlimited storage, up to 15 staff accounts, and third-party calculated shipping rates, this plan is ideal for heavy traffic. Additionally, users will have access to custom reporting options and eCommerce automation.

Shopify Advanced fees are the lowest among all plans, with a 2.4% online commission plus 30 cents for each transaction. The in-person transaction fee is also 2.4%, with no additional charges.

Shopify plans and pricing

Shopify plan price

Shopify Plus

This plan is ideal for large-scale businesses with customized needs and high sales demand with more complex and higher volume business structures. Shopify Plus merchants get access to additional benefits such as lower transaction fees, premium support, advanced customization, and customization options at checkout. W ith this plan you will have all the features of the plans mentioned above plus the business features within reach. If you want to explore the B2B channel and create an omnichannel experience with your brand, this is the right plan.

Among the features available for plus plans are:

- Shopify Launchpad, Shopify's automation tool for running promotions and sales.
- Shopify Flow, Shopify's back-end automation platform, allowing you to set up and manage custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks.
- Shopify Plus Wholesale, which allows you to create a wholesale store that is an extension of your existing store. This way, you can manage your retail, business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales from one integrated dashboard.
- Omnichannel commerce capabilities that allow you to manage unique customer relationships across many online touchpoints.
- The ability to create and optimize multiple international online stores.

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Shopify Plus Pricing: Starting at $2,000/month, plus transaction fees. For more information about particular pricing requirements, you can contact us.

How to choose the right plan?

Below we share a list that can be used when you want to make the decision about which plan to choose for your online business:

1. Evaluate your needs: Determine which features are essential for your business. Do you need advanced features like detailed reporting, real-time shipping rates, or customization at checkout?

2. Consider the budget: Make sure the plan you choose fits your budget. More advanced plans usually have a higher monthly cost.

3. Growth projection: Consider your long-term plan. If you plan for rapid growth, it might be worth investing in a more advanced plan from the start.

4. Research transaction fees: Be aware of the transaction fees Shopify charges for sales made through payment methods other than Shopify Payments (e.g. PayPal).

5. Calculate the costs per payment gateway: based on the volume of sales you have, define what the costs will be. Remember that as you choose a more advanced plan, costs can be reduced.

6. Support and scalability: If you plan to expand significantly, consider whether the plan offers adequate support and scalability tools.

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To take into account

- Consider additional Shopify costs, such as app subscriptions, domain fees, and Shopify email fees.

- Remember, you can avoid additional transaction fees by using Shopify Payments. Plus, you can save 10% with Shopify's annual plan.

- Shopify is one of the leading platforms in conversions in the industry globally , so the investment it entails will allow you to have a high ROI with its great features.

Ultimately, keep in mind that the plan you choose should meet the current and future needs of your business. If you're just starting out, you may want to start with a more basic plan and then upgrade as your business grows. If you have questions, you can contact our Shopify experts directly for personalized guidance.