Custo Barcelona decided to enhance its brand in the digital environment by migrating to Shopify Plus to provide a better customer experience and further reinforce the retention of its love mark.

The result after optimization


Increase in online sales


Increase in the number of orders


Increase in the rate of regular customers

Custo Barcelona was created by brothers David and Custo Dalmau in Barcelona during the 80s. Although they were dedicated to graphic design, they decided to apply these designs to t-shirts, which enjoyed great success. Since its inception, the firm has stood out for its wide color and original design with abstract shapes, receiving an unparalleled reception in the market.

A consolidated global brand in the fashion industry that sought to activate its presence in online channels, optimize the customer experience, improve retention to boost its online sales in a sustainable way.

How Webmefy boost the brand with the migration to Shopify Plus

To make the transition to Shopify Plus more successful, we used the CRO methodology for a content restructuring to make the page more transactional. We identify the most popular products and carefully consider size/color variations when selecting items to offer discounts during peak season campaigns.

Optimized product photos made images stand out while maintaining consistent branding across all channels; At the same time, menus/collections were redesigned to ensure that shoppers had an easier time locating desired products throughout their purchasing process.

Implementation of optimization strategies

Shopping experience

To guarantee an optimized shopping experience, we integrate technological platforms adapted to the preferences of our customers. The plugins recommend personalized products for purchase and allow users to create and save wish lists for future purchases. Additionally, landing pages have been created as an easy way to access content quickly and conveniently from any device.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategy has helped foster customer retention and create strong brand commitment. Through segmentation criteria, customers were presented with content tailored to their interests that boosted conversion rates. Automated emails further increased the efficiency of our strategies: at key points in the customer journey we sent content that encouraged cross-selling or upsells, taking advantage of emails with shipping information for an even more impactful experience.

Purchasing process

To improve the customer purchasing process and provide greater security, we implemented Custo's enhanced shipping and returns policies that are now displayed more prominently in its online store.

Additionally, a multi-carrier strategy was put in place to avoid issues such as delivery delays or extra traffic during peak seasons that could cause shoppers to abandon carts due to a lack of delivery options at the checkout.

Finally, the returns process was optimized with the same logistics platform, making the brand experience optimal in all channels throughout the purchase process.

We can highlight from this case study that the results obtained were thanks to enhancing and optimizing the omnichannel customer experience throughout the customer journey. From the acquisition channels, in the online store, in the logistics process, even to the return process.

Something key we realize is that the customer must be at the center of any strategy for a brand to experience sustainable growth. Let's remember that the brand experience ends when the customer decides to keep the product or return it.

Additionally, it is essential to develop an effective strategy that allows technology like Shopify Plus to support peak season traffic and create omnichannel experiences. This also involved implementing retention marketing strategies, optimizing the shopping journey, providing excellent customer service, and reactivating customers through personalized content and messaging to create lasting relationships with shoppers, which has allowed the brand to have advantage over its competitors in the different markets in which it operates.